Micronational Association of Southeast Asia

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Micronational Association of Southeast Asia
MASA logo.jpg
Official logo

Headquarters TBA

Official languages English, Indonesian, Malay and Tagalog

Membership 10 member nations

Secretary General Mart Ian Siapno (3 October 2016 – Present)
Deputy Secretaries vacant

Foundation 1 April 2013

Websites Official website

Micronational Association of Southeast Asia, abbreviated as MASA, is a intermicronational organisation that serves to enrich ties between micronations located in Southeast Asia, particularly member states of the macronational Association of Southeast Asian Nations. It aims to establish cooperation, promoting micronationalism, and to maintain peace among Southeast Asian micronations. It is the only legitimate intermicronational organization in the region.


In April 2013, finding inspiration in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Indonesian micronations of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) began discussing the possibility of establishing a larger micronational organisation, either with expanding the bounds of AIM and accept micronations located outside Indonesia, or to establish a new organisation. Soon, a proposal to create a new organisation binding Southeast Asian micronations emerged.

On the same month, micronations located in Southeast Asia outside Indonesia were invited to join the discussions concerning about the proposed new organisation. And in June 2013, a charter of establishment of MASA was created and ratified by the first member states, thus creating the foundation of the organisation.

Member States

Since its establishment, MASA has accepted 10 nations to be its member states, with most already defunct by January 2017.