Federal Monarchy of Omahkulon

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Federal Monarchy of Omahkulon
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East Java, Indonesia
Capital city Narisworo City
Official language(s) Indonesian
Official religion(s) Islam
Short name Omahkulon
Demonym Omahkulonese
Government Federal constitutional monarchy
- Prince Tommy Narisworo
Established 11 March 2014
Time zone UTC +7

Federal Monarchy of Omahkulon (Monarki Federal Omahkulon) was an Indonesian micronation located in East Java. It was led by Tommy Narisworo as the only king. Omahkulon previously runned as a republic before the leader Tommy Narisworo decided to turned Omahkulon as a monarchy and a federation, 11 March 2014. On September 2015, Tommy declared the dissolution of Omahkulon, and was replaced by Harjakarta.


Omahkulon name comes from the Javanese and is composed of two words namely Omah and Kulon , Omah means home and kulon means west, so omahkulon means "houses located in the west".


Prince led the Kingdom as head of state and head of government, the prince only deal with issues of defense and foreign affairs, the rest are taken care of by the respective state, because of the federal system. The prince rules in absolute as there was no any federal parliament, and his laws were applicable to states, without any power of veto given to the states. States princes are responsible to the federal prince, as they must submit their accountability report to the federal prince annually.

States had its sovereignty held by the federal prince. States had rights to establish their own symbols, create laws that not contradict the federal constitution, and manage the state budget. States must lend several parts of their territory to become the part of the fedral capital, and states have no rights to modify territory, as it was the rights of federal government.

Administrative division

Omahkulon had 2 states and 3 non-state territories. Those states are Kandangan and Sendang-Kulonan. Non-state territories had their own status, with those territories are Pojok Territory, Kulonan Commonwealth, and Narisworo City as federal capital.

Foreign Affairs

Until its demise, Omahkulon was a member of AIM and MASA, and was also had a very close relationship with Arkapura and Excellent and also with other micronations inside AIM.