Republic of Omahkulon

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Republic of Omahkulon
Republik Omahkulon
Flag of Omahkulon
Motto: Selawase
LocationMadiun, Indonesia
and largest city
Narisworo City
Recognised national languagesBahasa Indonesia
Ethnic groups
Javanese (100%)
Islam (100%)
GovernmentUnitary presidential republic
• President
Tommy N.
• Established
• Restoration of Monarchy
11 March 2014
CurrencyIndonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Time zoneUTC+7 (UTC)
Driving sideleft
Calling code+62

Republic of Omahkulon (Indonesian: Republik Omahkulon) was an Indonesian micronation founded in 2012. Omahkulon was located in East Java and Tommy N. was the only president of the country.

Omahkulon monarchy was restored in 11 March 2014, effectively replaced the republic.


History of Omahkulon was centered on the Omahkulon Palace, that was already under Omahkulon ancestry possession since early 20th century. Construction of the palace by Omahkulon royal family 1960s consolidated their status and influence in their village, and further the community.

Omahkulon monarch was also the guardian of the Palace, and a system developed by the royal family ensured that descendants of the guardian of the Palace would be appointed as the successive monarch.

The last monarch and definitive guardian of the Palace, Marikem, passed away in 2008 without appointing her successor in a written will. As royal family convened to resolve the issue, the royalty decided to appoint her daughter Sulastri as the succeeding monarch, but was politely declined by her. She instead proposed her son Tommy N. to succeed her, yet with her keep the nominal title of the guardian. As a compromise, the royalty agreed to appoint Tommy as the prime minister.

Tommy proposed the country to be reformed as a republic in 2011. The proposal was agreed by the royal council, as its members increasingly lose interest in continuing the monarchy. He was named as the state president and declared the formation of Omahkulon Republic afterwards.