Omahkulon Palace

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Omahkulon Palace
Istana Omahkulon
Official picture (2012)
Etymology"Easternmost House" (Javanese)
General information
Architectural styleVernacular Javanese
Town or cityNarisworo City
ClosedFebruary 2013
DemolishedApril 2013
OwnerOmahkulon Royal Family
LandlordMarikem Estate
Height5 m
Technical details
Floor count1
Floor area250 m2
Grounds450 m2

Omahkulon Palace (Indonesian: Istana Omahkulon, Javanese: Keraton Omahkulon) was a former royal palace and royal residence of Omahkulon (currently Harjakarta). The land was already in Omahkulon ancestors possessions since early 20th century, yet the palace was only constructed in 1960s.

Omahkulon Palace was the centre of Omahkulon monarchy, as the guardian of the palace would likely became the succeeding monarch as well. After foundation of Omahkulon Republic in 2011, the palace was converted as a presidential hall, as state guests were entertained on the palace.

The palace was closed in February 2013, and was unexpectedly demolished in April 2013.



The land was formerly controlled by Demak Sultanate until 14th century, when successive sultanates afterwards claimed and controlled the land. The land was the easternmost part of Demak Sultanate, thus giving Omahkulon its namesake (Omahkulon means "Easternmost house").

The land was later acquired by Omahkulon ancestors in early 20th century, and the palace was built later in 1960s. The design of the palace was in line with the Javanese vernacular architecture. As the Palace housed revered figure of the village, it set the origin of Omahkulon monarchy and influence among the community.


The Palace undergo a restoration in 1990s and significantly expanded the size.

The last definitive guardian of the palace, Marikem, passed away in 2008 and failed to handover the guardianship of the palace before her passing. After discussions with royal family members, it was decided that the palace was to be handed over to King Mother Sulastri, yet she declined the appointment. To resolve the issue, her son Tommy N. agreed to accept the duty, with the King Mother hold only a nominal guardianship.


During a Royal family audience in February 2013, the King Mother unexpectedly declared the palace to be demolished. Omahkulon authority was forced to accept the decision, as the Palace still under the guardianship of the King Mother and were not surrendered to the government. The palace was dismantled in April 2013.


The palace was privately owned by Omahkulon Royal Family. The last nominal guardian was the King Mother Sulastri, with his son Tommy N. performed the daily tasks of the guardianship.

The prevailing custom was that the guardianship of the palace inherited among generations in a written will. The present guardian were able to freely appoint any royal family member as the successor, as long as the appointee was the descendant on the succeeding generation. In case the previous guardian failed to name a successor, the children then would convene to decide on the next guardianship.