Government of Harjakarta

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Government of Harjakarta
Praja Harjakarta
Flag of Harjakarta
Emblem of Harjakarta
Motto: Nyawiji Mergo Siji
United as One
and largest city
Narisworo City
Official languagesIndonesian
Recognised national languagesJavanese
Ethnic groups
Javanese (100%)
Islam (100%)
GovernmentFederal absolute monarchy
• Great Prince
Tommy N.
11 March 2014
20 October 2014
• Restoration of independence
24 March 2015
• Reformed to Harjakarta
27 August 2015
• Dissolution
3 July 2020
CurrencyRupiah (IDR)
Time zoneUTC+7 (UTC)
Driving sideleft
Calling code+62

The Government of Harjakarta (Javanese: Praja Harjakarta) was a micronation founded by Tommy N. in 27 August 2015. Harjakarta was an absolute monarchy with the leadership vested on Tommy as the Great Prince. Harjakarta was located in the Indonesian province of East Java.

Harjakarta origin could be traced from the ancient Omahkulon royalty that was centred on the former Omahkulon Palace that was demolished in 2013. Despite maintaining only a minimum contact with members of the world intermicronational community, Tommy has successfully led Harjakarta to a major power on the Indonesian sector and significantly influence decision-making process inside the Association of Indonesian Micronations and its General Assembly.

Tommy declared his abdication from Harjakarta royalty, and declared the dissolution of Harjakarta on 3 July 2020.


"Harjakarta" name originated from Javanese, a native of Harjakartans. It is a compound of two words, "Harja" means safe and secure, while the suffix "-karta" means perfect or complete. Suffix "-karta"also a usual suffix for Indonesian cities, comparable with Suwarnakarta of Indokistan or Drawakarta of Arkapore. The name thus means "Perfect security". The name was personally created by Prince Tommy as he hopes that the name would be auspicious for the country.


Harjakarta is the third micronational project of Tommy N., that previously was known as the President of the Republic of Omahkulon in 2012. Tommy later converted the republic as a federal monarchy with him as the great prince. Omahkulon later unified with Arkapore to form the federal Kingdom of Drastharaya in October 2014, and survived in the federation until its collapse in March 2015.

After restoration of independence as consequences of the collapse of Drastharaya, Prince Tommy later modify landclaims of the kingdom, and declared the country be reformed and renamed as Harjakarta in 27 August 2015.

In early 2020, Prince Tommy published a proposal to relocate Harjakartan administrative centre from Narisworo city to a new location. Despite of proven advantages on capital relocation, the process was halted after a survey result showed that Harjakartan citizens still lacks knowledge on their own country. Prince Tommy also planned to expand the kingdom by claiming new regions in the future.

To the surprise of the Indonesian micronational community, Tommy declared his abdication from Harjakartan royalty and declared Harjakarta extinct on 3 July 2020. Personal business was the most probable reason of his decision to disband Harjakarta.


Harjakarta was ruled by the Great Prince Tommy N. since its formation in 27 August 2015 until its dissolution on 3 July 2020. As an absolute monarchy, Prince Tommy has total control on all affairs in Harjakarta.

Foreign relations

Harjakarta maintained a close relations with micronations located in Indonesia, especially those of the Association of Indonesian Micronations that Harjakarta joined as member since 2015 until 2020. Harjakarta was the Chairman of AIM twice since January until July 2018, and from May until July 2020; while Prince Tommy was the Secretary General from January until March 2015.

Administrative division

Harjakarta was divided into four cities, with Narisworo City as the capital. While Narisworo City is a direct-controlled city due to its status as capital and it is the seat of the national government, other cities is autonomous with administration delegated to its local authorities.

Emblem Cities Status
Mancapraja Autonomous city
Mancawetan Autonomous city
Narisworo City Direct-controlled city
Sendang Autonomous city