Government of Harjakarta

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Government of Harjakarta
Praja Harjakarta

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Nyawiji mergo siji (Javanese)
Together as one
Short name Harjakarta
Demonym Harjakartan
Government Absolute monarchy
- Prince Tommy Narisworo
Established 27 August 2015
Time zone UTC +7

Praja Harjakarta is an Indonesian micronation established by Tommy Narisworo in 27 August 2015. Harjakartan government is an absolute monarchy ruled by Tommy as Great Prince (Pangeran Agung).


"Harjakarta" name are from Javanese language, a native language of Harjakartans. Harjakarta name means "secured city", which itself is a compound of two words, "harja" means save or secured, and suffix "-karta" means complete or perfect, which also a usual suffix for cities (comparable with Suwarnakarta of Drawakarta). The name was personally made by Tommy Narisworo as he hopes that the name may reflect the micronation itself.


Harjakarta is the successor state of Federal Monarch of Omahkulon, then a Drastharayan state. After the collapse of Drastharaya in 21 April 2015, Omahkulon restored its independence and continue as a sovereign micronation. In 27 August 2015, Prince Tommy decided to reform the country as Harjakarta after previously released and add new landclaims for the planned kingdom.

Administrative division

Harjakarta is divided into four cities, with Narisworo City as the capital. Beside of Narisworo City, Harjakarta also has Sendang, East Mancapraja, and West Mancapraja.