General Assembly of the Association of Indonesian Micronations

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General Assembly of the Association of Indonesian Micronations

Majelis Umum Asosiasi Negara Mikro se-Indonesia
12th Year of the General Assembly
Coat of arms or logo
Founded11 July 2011

The General Assembly of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (Indonesian: Majelis Umum Asosiasi Negara Mikro se-Indonesia) is one of the principal organ of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM). It was the first institution created in AIM, with the first session was started in 11 July 2011 immediately after the founding of the organisation.

General Assembly is the main discussion venue of the organisation. It has lawmaking power and all executive offices are accountable to the assembly. It ratifies resolutions and regulations, charter amendments, and decide on membership applications.


AIM deliberative assembly was created immediately after the establishment of AIM in 11 July 2011, with Indokistan and Los Bay Petros as the first members. The very first voting took place inside the assembly were on the election of the secretary general, that saw Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman elected to the office against his only rival Mustafa Hakim.

The assembly received official status in 2015, when the first AIM Charter were ratified by member states. Amendment to the charter in 2019 significantly altered the authority and responsibility of the assembly.

The General Assembly held a special session to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the AIM on 11 July 2020. The special session was attended by 12 delegates representing 11 member states. The session was notable as it was the first AIM assembly meeting when delegates had a face-to-face meeting.


Powers and authorities of the General Assembly are managed under article 10 of the By Laws. As dictated, powers and authorities of the assembly are as follows:

Article 10 - Authority of the General Assembly are as follows:

  1. To decide on regulations of the Organisation.
  2. To decide over membership status of member states.
  3. To ensure the Chairman rotation system functioning and to decide on the Secretary General candidate proposed by the Chairman.
  4. To plan and ratify special activities and committees of the Organisation.
  5. To plan and ratify amendment of the Charter and By-Laws of the Organisation.
  6. To advise the Chairman and/or Secretary General on performing its duty.


All member states are obliged to have a permanent delegation on the General Assembly. Consistent attendance is also one of the main conditions for AIM membership advancement. Generally, head of state of member states are the main delegate for their own country. As of July 2021, member state delegates on the General Assembly are as follows:

Member state Delegate(s) Title
Full member states
Arkhasia Muhammad I King
P Kurnia Prime Minister
Jomblonisme Eri Septio President
Kingland M Qamaruddin King
St. John John Gregory President
Tutslavia Mario President
Non-micronation observer
Suwarnakarta Institute Mustafa Hakim Chairperson
Mosswiss Institute Anthony Thomas Chairperson

Multiple delegates

A member state could have more than one delegate in the General Assembly. It is permissible as there are no laws or resolutions prohibiting member state to have multiple delegates. Some member states even encouraging multiple delegation since they could interact with more individuals, and to enrich the debate quality of the assembly.

As convention, votes inside the General Assembly are based on countries instead of individuals, thus a member state could not manipulate General Assembly votes by delegating more representatives to the assembly.

Throughout AIM history, it is a rarity for a member state to have multiple delegates. Member state with the largest number of delegates ever were Indokistan, with total of 4 delegates, until 2016.

Member state Delegates Title Notes
Halenesia Joel Wijaya President
Marvin Pandjaitan Prime Minister
Litania Muhammad I King
M. Fadlullah Prime Minister
Aaron Penyami President
Arda Mudarso Prime Minister
Governor of Pācātia
Delegate for Canria (2020)
 Federal State of Indokistan
Aziz Pahlevi Governor of Aziziyah
Farhan Abbas President
Governor of Central Indokistan
Mustafa Hakim Governor of Suwarnakarta
Rayhan Haikal Governor of Cussex Delegate for Raflesinesia (2012-2013); Secretary General (2013-2014)
Abdul Khalik Governor of Nauli
Tian Abdurrahman Governor of Arkapore Delegate for Arkapore (2015-2019)
Tommy N. Governor of Omahkulon Secretary General (2014-2015); delegate for Harjakarta (2015-2020)
 Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros
Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman President Secretary General (2011-2013)
Indrawan Prasetyo Prime Minister