Flag of the Association of Indonesian Micronations

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Association of Indonesian Micronations
UseUnity flag representing AIM
Adopted4 April 2020
DesignAIM emblem on a white background

Flag of the Association of Indonesian Micronations is one of the official symbol of AIM. The flag received official status in 4 April 2020.


The first flag concept was made by Nabil Ihsan of then-Indokistan in November 2011. The drawing consisted of green background with AIM emblem in the centre. The flag were never submitted nor proposed to the General Assembly and was abandoned shortly.

First serious proposal for AIM flag was made in 2014, prior to the 2014 AIM Games torch relay. The proposal made by Anthony Thomas of Excellent consisted of AIM logo in a white background. The proposal received only marginal support and was abandoned as well, especially because member states preferred to focus more on the torch relay process.

During General Assembly session on organisation symbols in April 2020, a proposal to create AIM flag was finally accepted. The first proposed flag was based on Theodorus' proposal in 2014, albeit with a different logo as AIM currently had a different logo. A second proposal was drawn by Eri Septio Priangga of Jomblonisme, with the only difference was the blue background of the flag. After the discussion went deadlocked in 3 April, a vote took place on the next day successfully settled the final approved design. The proposed white flag was approved by 6-3 votes.


The base colour of the flag is white with AIM emblem placed in the centre part of the flag. The emblem represents the organisation, and the colour white represents purity.

The colours are regulated on the AIM Symbols Guidelines passed in May 2020.

Cyan Gold Red White
RGB 0, 228, 228 228, 228, 0 255, 0, 0 255, 255, 255
Hex #00E4E4 #E4E400 #FF0000 #FFFFFF