Cahaya Asia Tenggara

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"Cahaya Asia Tenggara"
English: Light of Southeast Asia
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Organisational anthem of the Association of Indonesian Micronations
LyricsNabil Ihsan, 2020
MusicAnthony Thomas, 2015
Adopted3 April 2020
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Cahaya Asia Tenggara (English: Light of Southeast Asia) is the title of the anthem of the Association of Indonesian Micronations. The anthem was composed by Anthony Thomas in 2015, with the lyrics was set by Nabil Ihsan in 2020. The anthem received official status in 3 April 2020.


Proposal for an organisational anthem has been voiced since 2015, primarily after Excellent delegate Anthony Thomas submit a music composed by himself to be used as anthem. The proposal received only marginal support as the proposed motion was superseded by another motions deemed more important.

Interest on the organisation anthem arose again in March 2020 when Anthony Thomas once more submitted the same music he once proposed in 2015, initially intended as merely a nostalgia. Anthony Thomas also noted that he remembered several sentences of the lyrics proposed at that time were "... we are the Light of Southeast Asia, [...] our friendship will everlast...".[1]

This time, the proposed anthem received members support, and Nabil Ihsan of Suwarnakarta also submit a poem that fit with the music, with intention to make it as the lyrics. Nabil preserved the main point of the "Light of Southeast Asia" rhetorics of Anthony Thomas.

The anthem received official status after the motion was accepted by member states on the General Assembly in 3 April 2020. The motion was accepted by 5-2 votes.


The lyrics consists of two stanzas. The anthem is particularly short thus playing it twice is necessary if two complete stanzas are to be sung.

The lyrics contained archaic Indonesian words that current Indonesian speakers seldom use. Some of the words are persada (present word dunia, "world"), trengginas (tangkas, "agile"), wahana ("vehicle; tool") and widya wiyata (a phrase, literal meaning "knowledge and teaching").

The first stanza refers to member states, invoking that member states is honourable and is united by the AIM. The second stanza refers to its populace, invoking its personal quality, and described that the Association is their place of learning. "Light of Southeast Asia" expressed hope that the Indonesian AIM will bring the community as such.

Indonesian lyrics English translation

Nusantara bersatu dalam ikatan mulia
Negeri cemerlang harapan persada
Jadilah nyata satu mimpi nan bahagia
Cahaya Asia Tenggara

Budi bangsa rakyat bagai permata
Cerdas trengginas jiwa laksana
Limpahilah wahana widya wiyata kita
Cahaya Asia Tenggara

Nusantara united on a noble bond
Brilliant country, hope of the world
May we realise one joyful dream
Light of Southeast Asia

Nations and people's moral as bright as jewel
Its soul and behaviour wise and agile
May it always suffice our place of learning
Light of Southeast Asia


  1. Indonesian translation: "Cahaya Asia Tenggara adalah kami, [...] persaudaraan kami akan terus bertahan..."