Member states of the Association of Indonesian Micronations

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Member states of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (Indonesian: Negara anggota Asosiasi Negara Mikro se-Indonesia) are micronations that have been accepted to any membership status available inside AIM. Membership of AIM are dictated on the fourth chapter of the AIM Charter, while the By-Laws dictates conditions, rights, and obligations of member states.

Member status

Membership in AIM are divided into two statuses: full member and observer.

Full member

Full membership (Indonesian: Anggota penuh) is designated to any micronations with its main location in Indonesia, already passed observership period, and is accepted to become full member by the General Assembly. Micronations with such status enjoys rights to attend, speak, and vote inside the General Assembly. Only full members are eligible for rotating chairmanship of AIM.

In case of an observer member state failed to attain full membership status, the country will remain as an observer and are able to request accession to full membership status whenever in the future. The precedent was recognised in 19 April 2020, when Al-Muqaddimah became the first observer state to have its full membership request defeated in the General Assembly, although Al-Muqaddimah would later become full member of AIM after second request of full membership.


Observer (Indonesian: Pengamat, formerly Pemerhati) is designated to any micronations or organisations applying for such status. Prospective members needs only consent from the Chairman to attend General Assembly session and are automatically be granted observer status afterwards. Micronations with such status enjoys rights to attend and speak inside the General Assembly. Observers are not eligible to vote, or being considered for rotating chairmanship of AIM. In addition, micronations that are eligible to be full members can, if they want to, be remain an observer.

Prospective members of AIM must first passed an observership period (30 days) to review on their performance and potential inside AIM. On the end of the period, a vote inside the General Assembly will decide on their full membership status. All observer member states are designated to be automatically had their full membership reviewed and voted after the end of the period, unless the member state objected or are ineligible.

Before adoption of the current charter and by-laws in 2019, a membership status of permanent observer was reserved to any non-Indonesian micronation or non-micronation members that enabled them to access the organisation. Members with permanent observer status were barred from membership status advancement and to be considered for the chairmanship rotation. Notable former permanent observers were State of Bascal from 2011 until 2014, and Suwarnakarta Institute from 2016 until 2019, when the permanent observership status were disbanded and merged to the normal observer status.

Termination of membership status

By-laws of AIM recognizes four conditions for a member state to have its membership status withdrawn: dissolution; repeat violation of AIM Charter and laws; voluntary withdrawal; failure to attend General Assembly sessions for three months in a row. The By-laws also set a procedure for membership termination, which requires member state to present itself to the General Assembly to defend its membership status. Failure to attend General Assembly session as required will results in automatic termination of membership status.

Most former AIM members had their membership status withdrawn due to its dissolution or inactivity. In one high profile case in 2015, Los Bay Petrosian membership in the AIM were withdrawn after inactivity for more than 6 months, yet the passing of the resolution to expel the country were deliberately delayed as member states revered so much Los Bay Petros as one of the founding member of AIM. Only on one instance did member state had its membership status withdrawn due to repeated violation to AIM laws, which was done against Santos in 2011. Astanesian voluntary withdrawal from AIM on June 2020 also became the very first case of voluntary withdrawal of AIM membership, although Astanesia later rejoined AIM later on the same month.

List of members

Full members

Flag Micronation Location in Indonesia Capital Leader Accession
Arkhasia[note 1], United Kingdom West Java Litanian City Muhammad I 30 April 2019
Jomblonisme, Democratic Socialist Republic East Kalimantan Bengkuring City Eri Septio Priangga 30 January 2020
Kingland, Kingdom[note 2] Jakarta Growland City M Qamaruddin February 2021
St. John West Java None (currently)
Vredesstad (de facto')
John Gregory 18 July 2019[note 3]


Flag Micronation Headquarters Leader Accession
Suwarnakarta Institute Jakarta Mustafa Hakim 5 July 2016[note 4]
Mosswiss Institute Central Java Anthony Thomas 2022[note 5]

Former members

Most member states lost its membership status due to disbandment or inactivity of their micronations. Expulsion of member states due to repeat violations of AIM laws occurred only in 2011 against the Federal Republic of Santos, and Astanesia (later Federal Borneo) was the first member state to declare their voluntary withdrawal from AIM in June 2020, despite days later they decided to rejoin AIM.

Flag Micronation Location in Indonesia Capital Leader
(at the time of withdrawal)
Accession Withdrawal
A1, Federated Republics[note 6] Central Java Astolbia Sam Kirby 2011 2012
Al-Muqaddimah, State of the Kingdom East Java Al-Hijrah Darussalam Abdullah Allero I 2020 2020
Al Rasyid Darussalam, Sultanate North Sulawesi Bandar Rasyidin Abdul Rasyid I 2011 2014
Alonia, Republic Java Varnufi Muhammad AS 26 May 2021 2021
Arkapura, Gerontocracy West Java Ciptahegar Tian Abdurrahman 2014 2019
Borneo, Republic South Kalimantan Muara Pulau Fahrul Raji 26 June 2020[note 7] 24 July 2022
Bascal, State Malaysia Kamp Basca D.C Amir Syafiq 2011 2014
Berakistan, Republic West Java Gemparingrad Mochammad Gempar 2019 2020
Concordia, Republic Jakarta Altenbuerg Antonius Cristiano 2020 2020
Cutlavania, Kingship Jakarta Pillow Sheath B.M.W 2020 2021
Drastharaya, Kingdom West Sumatra
West Java
Drasthapura Tian Abdurrahman 2014 2015
Ekaslavia, Republic Banten - Andreas Kevin 2015 2015
Excellent, United Democratic Republic Central Java Mosswiss Anthony Thomas 21 November 2012 9 August 2022
Falalia, Democratic Kingdom West Java Rikhlaant Muhammad I 18 September 2017 2023
Freenlandia, Republic South Kalimantan - M. Rifqi 2020 2020
Green Nauli, Royal State West Sumatra DT City Abdul Khalik 2013 2014
Halenesia, United Kingdom Jakarta Zattertum Jan II 7 October 2020[note 8] 21 November 2021
Harjakarta, Government East Java Narisworo City Tommy N. 2015 2020
Indokistan, Federal State Jakarta
West Java
Suwarnakarta Farhan Abbas 2011 2016
Inmerado, Republic Banten Kievta Joshua S 2020 2020
Inesia, Principality East Java West Lidah Yogi Surya 2011 2013
Javastan, Republic East Java Jayapartha Raden Mas Nur October 2021 2023
Los Bay Petros, Federal Republic Jakarta Bayrschtein
Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman 2011 2014
Love Mainland, Democratic Kingdom Banten Glowland Hanggari Shandy 2015 2016
Namwua, Empire West Java Tunanskvagrad Krepies II 30 November 2020 February 2022
Neuborrnia-Merientalia, Federal Republic Jakarta Strada (Pejaten) Aaron Penyami 4 April 2020 November 2021
Montegie, Provincial Republic North Sulawesi - Gideon P. M. 2020 2020
Pacatia Banten Skoejettenland Arda Mudarso 2020 2020
Pejaten, Republic Jakarta Strada Aaron Penyami 2019 2020
Raflesinesia Jakarta
West Java
Rethels Rayhan Haikal 2012 2013
Rudinia, Republic - - Bernard Yohanes 2020 c. 2020
Ruslandia, Empire Jakarta Nogo Daniel Punuh 3 June 2020 2020
Santos, Federal Republic West Java
North Sulawesi
Santosia John Gregory 2011 2011
Sofidelonia, Confederation of the Kingdom Jakarta Ramdon Philip 16 February 2020[note 9] November 2022
Sunda Raya, Democratic Republic West Java
Riau Islands
Bandung Raya Lintang Matahari Hasan 2015 2018
Wirasena, Kingdom West Java Kota Wirasena Sena I 2012 2014
Yourbenia, United Republic South Kalimantan Bandar Karya Rahmat Saleh 2020 c. 2020


  1. Accepted as Litania in 2019.
  2. Accepted as Growland in 2021.
  3. St. John initially joined AIM as an observer from April until June 2014, when St. John withdrew. St. John later invited into AIM in July 2019 as an observer before becoming a full member in October 2019.
  4. Socio-cultural successor of Indokistan, founding member of AIM
  5. Socio-cultural successor of Excellent, admitted as AIM full member in November 2011
  6. Although A1 is an Australian micronation, A1 has a territory in Indonesia which also has residents living there, thus making A1 eligible to become an AIM member.
  7. Borneo (then Astanesia) initially joined AIM in May 2020 before voluntarily withdrew on the same month. Rejoined AIM in June 2020.
  8. Halenesia initially joined AIM on 20 March 2020. Halenesia withdrew from AIM two times, in August 2020 and in June 2021. Rejoined AIM for the second time in July 2021.
  9. Sofidelonia initially joined AIM in 16 February 2020 before withdrew later on. Sofidelonia later rejoined AIM.