Democratic Kingdom of Love Mainland

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Democratic Kingdom of Love Mainland
Kerajaan Demokratik Love Mainland


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Banten, Indonesia
Capital city Glowland
Official language(s) Indonesian
Official religion(s) Baha'i Faith
Government Directorial non-partisan Bahai'ist democratic monarchy
- National House of Guidance Hanggari Shandy (Chairman)
Area claimed 80 m2
Time zone UTC +7

Democratic Kingdom of Love Mainland is a micronation founded on 26 May 2015 and based on Indonesian province of Banten. It is a Bahai'ist kingdom based on National House of Guidance that serves as collective leadership headed by Hanggari Shandy.


The country is named "Love Mainland" because its founder hopes that it becomes land of love, and his beliefs that love is source of all power of humanity in the world.

Hanggari Shandy previously wants to name the nation as "Loveland" but already used by other entity, despite of recommendations and suggestions from fellow leaders inside Indonesian sector, he decided to adopt "Love Mainland" as the country name.

Government and politics

Government of Love Mainland based their activities on Bahai'ist ideals, including peace and universal unity, deliberative democracy, and no individual leadership. It is a non-partisan and secular micronation, despite of strong presence of Baha'i influence inside its governance.

The government enforced gender equality and discouraged poligamy. They also maintain minimum interference in national politics.

National House of Guidance

Leadership of the country is based on a council called National House of Guidance (Pemandu Negara) led by Hanggari Shandy. It is an elective council with its member term runs for one year.

Its membership is appointed through popular vote and all citizens over 21 in age are eligible for its membership, except if they sick, imprisoned, and is in administrative or disciplinary punishment. There is no candidacy and campaign for the successing member, and everyone appointed are "forced" to accept the position, even if they initially doesn't want to be.



With 66% of its citizens profess Baha'i Faith, this country become one of the largest Baha'i micronation in the world, and it explains strong Bahai'ist religion influence was present in entire activity of the country and on its citizens. There are officially-sanctioned religious study circle for strengthening religious faith and knowledge that held every week, on which the government allow everyone from various religious and beliefs to attend the discussion.


One of the most popular drinks of Love Mainland are urine. It is consumed by its citizens based on their beliefs that it is able to maintain their health and to heal diseases.