Tian Generations Place

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Tian Generations Place
Flag of Tian Generations Place
Bandung, Indonesia
Capital cityBarakstan Federation
Founded byTian Abdurrahman
 • MayorTian Abdurrahman
 (2011 census)
 • Total4
Time zoneUTC+7 (WIB)

Tian Generations Place was the first capital of the Barakstan Federation founded in June 2011. The city was founded by Tian Abdurrahman that also served as the mayor.

The city originated from a region of the Democratic Republic of Tian Abdurrahman, predecessor of the Barakstan Federation founded in March 2011. After the establishment of the federation, Tian decided to reform the region as the capital for the new country.

After the death of Tian Abdurrahman in September 2019, Association of Indonesian Micronations declared "Tian Generations Place" as the honorary capital for the organisation.


"Tian Generations Place" name originated from the first name of its founder, Tian Abdurrahman. Usage of the words "generations place" were intended to reflect the juvenile nature of Tian and his peers that joined him in his new micronational movement.

Notable places

Several notable places were recorded throughout the history of the city. Tian Generations Place Centre was established as a cultural and community centre for the city. Besides the centre, Tian Generations Place also had Apid Place, a community centre; and Western Little Park, a city park.

Usage by AIM

After the death of Tian Abdurrahman in 9 September 2019, Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) wishes to commemorate Tian on his contribution and achievement for the organisation. After several General Assembly sessions, proposals received by the assembly includes to establish a memorial statue or plaque in one of the member state territory, to rename AIM institutions, and to set a new capital city for AIM with Tian's name. Member states later agreed that AIM should become the "protector" of Tian's resting place.

In early 2020, member states proposed the organisation to set former Arkaporean territory as AIM territory, after understanding that a symbolic honour, instead of constructions or other means, would be the most feasible among other options, especially because AIM needs only its symbolic significance.

Tian Generations Place was later recognised by AIM Symbols Guidelines as "Honorary Capital" in May 2020, in equal standing as capital city of present chairman, that was recognised as "administrative centre". As AIM does not actually control Tian Generations Place territory, member states establish an understanding that the designation was done to "protect the resting place of Tian".