Kingdom of Drastharaya

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Kingdom of Drastharaya
Kerajaan Drastharaya
Coat of arms
Motto: Beriman, Bersatu, Berjaya
Faithful, United, Victorious
Largest cityNarisworo City
Official languagesIndonesian
GovernmentFederal absolute monarchy
• King
Prabu Drastharaya I
LegislatureParliament of Drastharaya
Establishment20 October 2014
• Census
Time zoneUTC +7
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Federal Monarchy of Omahkulon
Federal Monarchy of Omahkulon

Kingdom of Drastharaya (Indonesian: Kerajaan Drastharaya), less known as Federal Monarchy of Drastharaya (Bahasa Indonesia: Federasi Monarki Drastharaya) was a micronation located in Java, Indonesia established in October 2014. Drastharaya was a federated monarchy comprising of five constituent states, with Arkapura and Omahkulon as the main and largest constituent. The federation only monarch was Prabu Drastharaya I, immediately elected and crowned after the establishment of the federation in October 2014.

Drastharaya was known with its cultural diversity, an unique combination between Sundanese and Javanese culture that heavily influenced the country, brought to Drastharaya by Arkapore and Omahkulon.

The country was an absolute monarchy with several aspects of elective monarchy system. Drastharaya was politically stable, despite of rivality between each constituent state. This competition was proved fatal for the federation, as it was the main cause of the collapse of Drastharaya in March 2015. After the collapse of Drastharaya, Arkapore and Omahkulon had their independence restored, while Nauli dissolved shortly after.


Drastharaya name was created by Tian Abdurrahman and Tommy N. during the discussion before the merge of the country. It was derived from two Sanskrit words, "Drastha" and "Raya", both means "crown" and "great", respectively. Thw words was later combined to form the name of the country with the approximate meaning would be "the Great Crown."


Drastharaya was established in October 2014, as result of merging between three kingdoms inside Indonesian sector: Arkapura, Omahkulon, and Nauli. It was the brainchild of Tian Abdurrahman and Tommy N. that proposed the merger in order to rescue their own country from inactivity. With Indokistan as the largest micronation inside the sector at that time, establishment ot Drastharaya was seen as an attempt to create a balance from Indokistani hegemony inside the region.

Tian Abdurrahman from constituent state Arkapore was immediately elected as the first King of unified Drastharaya and crowned afterwards. His regnal name would be "Sri Baduga Maharaja Prabu Drastharaya I", with "Prabu Drastharaya I" was his shorthand. The election of Tian emphasize the elective monarchy system in Drastharaya, as it was the first inside Indonesian sector.


Drastharaya was an absolute monarchy, with some characteristics of elective monarchy. A King, Prabu Drastharaya, was the head of state and government of the country. Drastharayan Royal Council was the legislature of Drastharaya, with kings from three constituent states was the member of it. Royal Council has an advisory function for and elects the King.

Administrative Division

Drastharaya was divided into three states, one capital territory, and one autonomous territory under Arkapura. Drasthapura was the capital city of Drastharaya, with status of Special Capital Territory. Despite that the government offices and largest economic centre was located in the capital, several micronations had their representatives located in Kota Arkapura and Drawakarta instead.


In 24 March 2015, a Drastharayan diplomat announced to the Association of Indonesian Micronations General Assembly that Drastharaya was already dissolved. There were no further announcement on the reason of the collapse, but it was speculated that the collapse was the result of internal conflict and rivality between constituent states. The collapse caused all constituent states to became independent again. While Arkapura and Omahkulon survives the collapse and continue their activity as an independent micronation, Nauli was dissolved shortly after Drastharaya.


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