Arkapore City

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Municipality of Arkapore City
Munisipalitas Arkapura Kota
  Municipalities of Arkapore  

Nickname(s): Kota Anom
Motto: Bermakna ; Bersih, Makmur dan Aman
Location of Arkapore City
Municipality Bbd.jpg Arkapore
Founder Tian Abdurrahman
 - Bupati Menak Arkapura Kota I
 - Total .00009 km2 (0 sq mi)
Population (2014 census)
 - Total 14
Demonym Arkaporean
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

Arkapore City is the most largest municipality in Royal City of Arkapore located in the southern of Capital City Drawakarta, there no active citizen pound in Arkapore City, in Arkapore City there 14 residents. Which a city-hall located in the North of Arkapore City. Arkapore City border with Capital City of Drawakarta in the Northern and Municipality of Balungbang.


Arkapore city population amounted to 9 peoples is also the city with the highest population in Arkapura, Arkapore city residents almost evenly in every pakuan, Arkapore City population is Sunni Muslim. In contrast to the overall population Drawakarta comes from Sundanese tribe, in Arkapore City there are other tribes who settled in the Arkapore City is Javanese as much as 11% of the total population Arkapore City are Javanese then 89% is Sundanese.

Administrative Division

Arkapore City consist from 4 pakuan, there are ;

  1. Cockburn
  2. New Drawakarta (Drawakarta Baru)
  3. Bandar Barakstan
  4. Duck's Corner

Plan City New Drawakarta be declared the stand up itself apart from Arkapore City, economic reasons in New Drawakarta is much more stable and advanced than other pakuan in Arkapore City


The following is a list of twin cities of Arkapore City:

  1. Kota Darvinos, Namayan


Economic of Arkapore City is the highest among other municipality in Royal City of Arkapore. Resident income derived from labor sector of industry, trade and services, Total income per capita of Arkapore City reached 2867 USD with gross domestic product reached 40121 USD.


List of street in Arkapore City

  1. Via Barakstan
  2. Via Monovia
  3. Via Bascal

SOCIETY Symbol of Arkapore  • Official Language  • Anthem • Arkapore Islamic Party  • Arkapore National Party
HISTORY Principality of Tianlands  • Western Bobodolands Federation  • Indokistani Province of Bobodolands  • Indokistani State of Barakstan  • Islamic Republic of Barakstan  • Arkapore-Indokistan Confrontation  • State of Barakstan  • The Republic of Arkapore  • Arkapore Conflict 2014
POLITICS & ELECTION Parliament  • 2012 Referendum  • 2014 Arkapura Constitution Referendum
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PEOPLE Tian Abdurrahman  • Muhammad Amir Syarifudin  • Erwin Susilo
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