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Star Arkapore also known as Miss Arkapore World Wide is an beauty pageant in City-State of Arkapore for a elected Tourism Ambassador of Arkapore which a contestants is come fromMiss Universe Beauty Pageant


The Judging of Star Arkapore is come from Preliminary Competition & Individual Introduction in Miss Universe, a committee of Star Arkapore played a Video of Preliminary Competition & Introduction then will judges

Star Arkapore 2014

Star Arkapore 2014 was helded in early March taken a place in Echoes Conventions Centre, Arkapore City aka Barakstan Regency before renamed, came from Miss Universe contestant in 2013, a regency was represented by 5 contestants.



Title Name Representing
Winner Whulandary Barakstan II
1st Runner Up Gabriela Kratochvilová Balungbang II
2nd Runner Up Carey Ng Basin III
3rd Runner Up Ariella Arida Barakstan I
4th Runner Up Erin Brady Barakstan V
'Favourite Kim Yumi Barakstan III
Congeniality Gabriela Kratochvilová Balungbang II
Best National Costume Whulandary Barakstan II

judging by: Tian Abdurahman


contestants coming from Miss Universe 2013


Name Representing Nationality
Brenda González Balungbang I Argentinian
Jakelyne Oliviera Barakstan I Brazilian
Eline de Pool Basin I Curacaoan'
Gabriela Kratochvilová Balungbang II' Czechs
Whulandary Herman Barakstan II Indonesian
Aygerim Kozhakanova Basin II Kazakh
Kim Yu Mi Balungban III Korean
Karen Ghrawi Barakstan III Lebanese
Carey Ng Basin III Malaysian
Holly Cassidy Balungbang IV New Zealander
Carolina Brid Barakstan IV Panamanian
Ariella Arida Basin IV I Filipino
Elmira Abdrazakova Balungbang V Russian
Erin Brady Barakstan V American
Gabriela Isler Basin V Venezuelan'