The Bewara Arkapura

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The Bewara Arkapore
Berita Arkapura

TBA Logo

Type State-owned enterprise
Founded January 2014
Headquarters Drawakarta
Owner Royal Government
Subsidiaries The Drawakarta Channel
The Arkapore City Times
Bewara Lokal Sundapura

The Bewara Arkapura (Indonesian: The Arkapore News) is the official news network of the Royal City of Arkapore based in the capital City of Drawakarta, The Bewara Arkapura broadcast over the internet especially in Facebook, makes it available to all micronations in the world. The Bewara Arkapura also have local branches are managed by local governments such as The Drawakarta Channels in Drawakarta, The Arkapore City Times in Arkapore City and Bewara Local Sundapura in Sundapura.


The Bewara Arkapura was established during Arkapore part of Indokistni state as Dacoen Channels, and renamed in January 20, 2014 after Arkapore secceded from Federal State of Indokistan

Local Networks

The Bewara Arkapura have local branches are managed by local governments, Local Network is available in 1 City and 2 Municipalities

The Drawakarta Channels

The Arkapore City Time

Bewara Local Sundapura

Intermicronational Cooperation