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City of Drawakarta
Kota Drawakarta
  Cities of Arkapore  

Nickname(s): Dayeuh Gumujeung
Motto: Proud to be Indonesian, Proud to be Muslim and Proud to be Ourselves
Anthem: Sapu Nyere Peugat Simpay
Location of Drawakarta
City Bbd.jpg Arkapore
Founder Tian Abdurrahman
Dewan Kota Dewan Kota Drawakarta
 - Mayor Menak Drawakarta I
 - Total .00004 km2 (0 sq mi)
Population (2014 census)
 - Total 9
Demonym Arkaporean
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

Drawakarta is a capital of The Royal City of Arkapore, Drawakarta Immediately adjacent with Cileuncang River in the northern and Arkapore City in the southern. Drawakarta is only one Pakuan in Arkapore that have a resident. Drawakarta is part of Metro Drawakarta with Arkapore City, Drawakarta also the most small capital of micronation in Indonesia. In addition to being the seat of government Drawakarta is also the economic center Arkapura. Drawakarta also known as Dayeuh Gumujeung or Sociable City, Drawakarta is a headquarters of Organisation of Islamic Micronations within Batyr in Hasanistan and Bridgegates in Cussex Region, Indokistan.

Etymology & Demography

Name of Drawakarta take from sankrit, Drawakarta consist from two word Drawa means gate and Karta means prosperous so Drawakarta means prosperity gate. Drawakarta. Citizen of Drawakarta is a muslim sunni and come from Sundanese ethnic, Sundanese or urang sunda it is a tribes based in western of java islands.


Drawakarta is City in Arkapura total area of Drawakarta around 400 square metres, Drawakarta located at 669 above sea level. Animals contained in Drawakarta only pet fish like goldfish, comet goldfish and fish Sumatran tiger also bird and hen found in Drawakarta.

Administrative Division

Drawakarta Consist from 5 Pakuan, there are ;

  1. North Drawakarta (Drawakarta Utara)
  2. Central Drawakarta (Drawakarta Tengah)
  3. South Drawakarta (Drawakarta Selatan)
  4. East Drawakarta (Drawakarta Timur)
  5. Kleinstaad Hill

City Plan

Drawakarta government plans to build a new city of the territory is taken as Drawkarta region, namely Kleinstaad Hill, which the city will consist by 2 Pakuan (Central Drawakarta and Klainstaad Hill).


People of Drawkarta very proud of their identity as sundanese, Sundanese culture was developing by local government of Drawakarta, many themed events held in Drawakarta Sunda as 'Drawakarta Sundanese Song Festival', a typical Sundanese culture are often held in Drawakarta such as Kuda Renggong and Jaipong.

City Relationship

Drawakarta cooperation twin towns or sister city to strengthen the cooperation with other countries in the fields of culture, economy, sports and more.

List of cities that have been cooperating with Drawkarta

  1. Kamp Basca D.C , State of Bascal
  2. Mosswiss, United Democratic Republic of Excellent
  3. Boscar Moncabe, United Democratic Republic of Excellent
  4. Narisworo City, Federal Monarch of Omahkulon

Economy & Transportation


Drawakarta economy is the stable among the municipalities in Royal City of Arkapore In Drawakarta there is also a small market ( warung in Indonesia ) for people buying their daily needs. There is also a commercial center in Drawakarta Arkapura, Bank of Arkapore and Drawakarta Stock Exchange also placed in Drawakarta.

Economic income residents rely on agriculture and industrial workers, Arkapore acres of farmland located outside the region of Arkapore, while the farming community of Drawakarta and other municipality in the region of Arkapore centered on Balungbang Municipality


SOCIETY Symbol of Arkapore  • Official Language  • Anthem • Arkapore Islamic Party  • Arkapore National Party
HISTORY Principality of Tianlands  • Western Bobodolands Federation  • Indokistani Province of Bobodolands  • Indokistani State of Barakstan  • Islamic Republic of Barakstan  • Arkapore-Indokistan Confrontation  • State of Barakstan  • The Republic of Arkapore  • Arkapore Conflict 2014
POLITICS & ELECTION Parliament  • 2012 Referendum  • 2014 Arkapura Constitution Referendum
DIVISION Drawakarta  • Municipality of Arkapore City  • Municipality of Balungbang  • Municipality of Sundapura  • Municipality of Manuk Island  • Autonomy Municipality of Amsidinsiyen  • Dependent Territory of Alonia
PEOPLE Tian Abdurrahman  • Muhammad Amir Syarifudin  • Erwin Susilo
CULTURE & EVENT Dangdut  • Jaipong  • Rock n Roll  • Arkapore Tourism Week  • Star Arkapore  • Arkapore World Expo
SPORT Badminton  • Football  • Arkapore Cup
OTHER The Bewara Arkapura  • Arkaporean Transport  • Arkaporean Digital Defence  • Drawakarta Intermiconational LandPort