Sultanate of Al Rasyid Darussalam

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Sultanate of Al Rasyid Darussalam
Kesultanan Al Rasyid Darussalam
Flag of Sultanate of Al Rasyid Darussalam
Coat of arms of Sultanate of Al Rasyid Darussalam
Coat of arms
Motto: Untuk Tuhan, Rasulullah, dan Negara
(English: For God, Prophet, and State)
Anthem: Jayalah Rasyidin
(English: Be Glorious, Rasyidin)
LocationNorth Sulawesi,Indonesia
CapitalBandar Rasyidin
Official languagesBahasa Indonesia
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• King
Abdul Rasyid I
LegislatureRoyal Council
CurrencyDinar and Dirham
Time zoneUTC +8

For the former administrative division of Indokistan, see Al Rasyid Darussalam (Indokistan).

Sultanate of Al Rasyid Darussalam (Indonesian: Kesultanan Al Rasyid Darussalam) was an Indonesian micronation founded by Abdul Rasyid I of the Rasyidin Dynasty in 2007 after his conversion to Islam. Since 2007, Al Rasyid Darussalam was a Kingdom, before Abdul Rasyid I reformed the country as Sultanate in 2013. Al Rasyid Darussalam was located in the city of Manado, Indonesia.

Al Rasyid Darussalam was an absolute monarchy with Rasyidin Charter and a constitution ratified in 2012 as basis of governance. The head of state and government is the absolute Sultan, Abdul Rasyid I, with the Royal Council and State Mufti, as well as military commanders and ministers, assisting the duties of the Sultan. With the Twelver branch of Shia Islam as the official religion, Al Rasyid Darussalam was the only Indonesian micronation that professed Shia Islam.

Al Rasyid Darussalam later declared union with Indokistan to form the Federal Republic of Indokistan in September 2012. The union was short-lived as Al Rasyid Darussalam later declares restoration of sovereignty in December 2012 as aftermath of the Royal Council Rebellion. Afterwards, the Sultan power were severely curtailed by the Royal Council. In June 2013, an isolationist policy were declared by the Sultan, followed by cancellation of all foreign relations and micronational organisation memberships. Al Rasyid Darussalam was presumed to be dissolved by the community since there were no more information about activities inside the Sultanate ever since.


Al Rasyid Darussalam was founded as a Kingdom in 2007, when Abdul Rasyid I declared the establishment of House of Rasyidin and declared himself Rasyidin King. The country successfully developed the political and economy system on its early years, with a constitution and royal charter was ratified in December 2011.

Former national flag

A policy to introduce Al Rasyid Darussalam to micronational community in 2011 was successful, as the country began to engage in diplomacy with other micronations, especially those inside Indonesian sector.

In September 2012, Abdul Rasyid I announced that the country would merge with Indokistan to form the Federal Republic of Indokistan. The union was short-lived, since Al Rasyid Darussalam secede from Indokistan in December 2012, as aftermath of Royal Council Rebellion.

An internal reform in early 2013 resulted in the Kingdom reformed into a Sultanate, yet with no further adjustments since Al Rasyid Darussalam already enforced Islamic monarchy system beforehand. In June 2013, Al Rasyid Darussalam set an isolationist policy and cancelling all of its diplomatic relations and micronational organisation memberships. With no more information about Al Rasyid Darussalam emerged ever since, the community later presumed the Sultanate to be dissolved in early 2014.

Foreign relations

Since its introduction to micronational community, Al Rasyid Darussalam was keen to be influential, especially inside Indonesian sector. Beside engaging in diplomacy with other countries, as an example with Los Bay Petros and Indokistan, Al Rasyid Darussalam was also accepted to Coalition of International Micro-States and Association of Indonesian Micronations in 2011. In 2012, Abdul Rasyid I founded Indonesian Micronations Forum and became its chairman.


The main income of the Al Rasyid Darussalam is came from tourism and trading. In addition through the Commerce Department, the Sultanate also exports agricultural products to the island of Java. Agricultural products is a major export is copra, cloves and nutmeg. From the year 2009, the exports to the island of Java is rising in advance of nutmeg products whose price has reached US$15 per kilogram. In 2012, the trade ministry also plans to export rice warehouse belonging to the Kingdom of East Nusa Tenggara in desperate need of rice.

As for the import itself, the Sultanate itself still imports most of its gasoline and gas from the island of Java. In addition, the tourism industry is also a mainstay for the royal revenue. This industry recorded a revenue-producing country second only to trade futures and commodities. It is the increasing number of tourists to the Sultanate in the region of North Sulawesi.

Regional division

Territory of Al Rasyid Darussalam is divided into several Duchy. A duchy is divided according to the duties and functions. Each duchy is led by a Duke who is a close relative of the King. A Duke was appointed by the king and has the task to execute orders from the Sultan. This is the list of the duchies in Al Rasyid Darussalam:

  1. Duchy of King City, Bandar Rashidin
  2. Duchy of Bolaang Mongondow
  3. Duchy of East Bolaang
  4. Duchy of Minahasa
  5. Duchy of Sangihe Talaud


The composition of the Al Rasyid Darussalam Government is the Sultan as head of the Government is assisted by the ministers in charge of government. There are five ministries:

  1. Ministry of the Interior
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. Ministry of Commerce
  4. Ministry of Finance and Economic
  5. Ministry of Defence