Indonesian Micronational League

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Indonesian Micronational League
Intermicronational organization
Logo FNMI.jpg
FNMI logo, LMI logo is as just same with only different name

Membership 7 members

Chairman Yogi Surya
Secretary-general Jendri Mamahit

Historical dates
– Establishment 13 April 2012
– Dissolution 22 February 2013

Indonesian Micronational League (Liga Mikronasional Indonesia, Indonesian abbreviation LMI), or previously known as Indonesian Micronations Forum (Forum Negara-Negara Mikro Indonesia, Indonesian abbreviation FNMI) until January 2013, was a former micronational organisation attempting on uniting Indonesian micronations inside one body. This organisation was established in 13 April 2012 with Jendri Mamahit personally declares the establishment and became the only secretary general, he then holds great power of influence inside this organisation.

This organisation was the second one inside the sector after Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM). It was previously unintended to rivaling AIM, but as the organisation developing, the impression of rivalry became more bold, especially after previous offer from AIM to merge was turned down and Jendri's declaration that LMI must be exist as an alternative of AIM. After declining activity, secretary general Jendri Mamahit declared the dissolution of the organisation in 22 February 2013.

Role in Indonesian Micronationalism

As an alternative of Association of Indonesian Micronations, LMI committed on establishing and initiate peaceful relations for all members of Indonesian sector. It was proved by the acceptance of several controversial figures that has been previously banned from AIM, including Omar Laode of Fiharaya and UMSSR politicians.

Relationship with AIM

Despite of good relationship with AIM, several persons inside the organisation view each other with cynicism. Secretary-general Jendri Mamahit insists that relationship with AIM must be friendly.

This organisation was seem as an attempt to counter the hegemony of Indonesian micronations located in Java. Kingdom of Al Rasyid Darussalam, home state of Jendri Mamahit, was located in Manado, a city in central Indonesian region, as opposed by Indokistan and Los Bay Petros (dominating country in AIM) that had their capital in Jakarta, a city in western region of Indonesia. Another evidence was that Jendri Mamahit and Yogi Surya of Principality of Inesia led this organisation, while both of them not had much influence inside AIM and are located in the central part of Indonesia.

LMI and Jendri

As the most important figure of LMI, Jendri Mamahit was involved on many affairs of the organisation. Unlike AIM that had diverse leadership, LMI had failed to make an impression of it, largely because of domination of Jendri throughout the life of LMI. Observer sees that the organisation was Jendri's own political tool to gain influence and power.


Beside on inviting members of Indonesian micronational community to enter FNMI, he als formed several departments to be filled by its members. Until the dissolution of FNMI, the position remain vacant. Positions opened by secretary general were:

  • Security Council
  • Health Council
  • Social and Cultural Council
  • Trade Council
  • Economy and Development Council


LMI, on its peak period, had 7 members, with 5 founding members on its first day. Two more countries joined after the foundation of LMI.

On the proposed arrangement on membership status in 2012, Jendri Mamahit proposed that membership must be divided by years since the member country established. "Permanent member" was for micronations established since 2000, "non-permanent member" for micronations established since 2005, and "observer member" for micronations established since 2010.


The organisation was declining in 2013 because of several reasons. Consolidation of AIM as members of Indonesian sector decided to join AIM instead of LMI, and Jendri Mamahit declining activity and influence also worsen the weakness. On 22 February 2013, Jendri declared the dissolution of LMI, declared that he only recognizes one organisation inside Indonesian micronational community, AIM. Despite of its extinction in February, last general assembly session of LMI was occured in April 2013.