Suwarnakarta Institute

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Suwarnakarta Institute
Institut Suwarnakarta
Suwarnakarta Institute
Institute overview
Formed5 July 2016
HeadquartersJakarta, Indonesia
Institute executive
Child Institute

Suwarnakarta Institute (Indonesian: Institut Suwarnakarta) is an independent non-governmental micronational organisation established by Mustafa Hakim on 5 July 2016. It is named after the last capital of the former Indokistan, Suwarnakarta. The organisation main focus is on Indonesian micronational activities and former Indokistani interests.

The institution is mainly established for former citizens that wishes to remain active in micronational world even after Indokistani dissolution. Because of its importance as the only surviving part of Indokistan after the country's dissolution, Suwarnakarta Institute has been treated as successor of Indokistan, despite preserving only its social and cultural aspects.


Suwarnakarta Institute pledged to become an observer and advocate for micronational causes and activities, especially inside Indonesian sector. The institute provides assistance and access to MicroWiki community to newly-formed micronations in Indonesia.

The organisation is the executor of several residual tasks from former Indokistan. Suwarnakarta Institute is the parent institution of the National Archives of Indokistan, which will supervise its operations. The institute is the official historiographer of Indokistani history, issuing historical interpretation and revisions if necessary.

As of 2018, the institute activites has been restricted to only several projects, with several others were cancelled. A plan to publish journals related to micronationalism has been dropped, so did with publication of Lentera newspaper that was suspended after its first edition was published in August 2016. The institute also ceased its activities on former Indokistani territorial supervision as dictated in 2016 Indokistani Dissolution Decree.


Foreign cooperation

Suwarnakarta Institute committed to establish cooperation with intermicronational organisations that deemed significant by former Indokistani government, with plan to establish offices in several micronations. In 6 July, Association of Indonesian Micronations was granted permanent observer status to the institute, because of its importance and ties with Indokistan. The institute also signed a cooperation agreement with Arkaporean news agency in the end of July 2016.

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