Federal Republic of Santos

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Federal Republic of Santos
Republik Federal Santos
Flag of the Federal Republic of Santos.png
Coat of arms
Motto: All Hail the Leader! (last)
Anthem: Unnamed national anthem
Santos location.png
Area controlled by Santos shown in blue
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentFederal republic (de jure)
Presidential republic (de facto)
• President
William Timothy
• Prime Minister
Indra H. (last)
Establishment6 June 2011
Time zonevarious (UTC +7 and +8)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of William Ranger File:Flag of William Ranger.png

The Federal Republic of Santos (Indonesian: Republik Federal Santos), or simply Santos, formerly known as the United States of Santos (Indonesian: Republik Santos Serikat) was a short-lived micronation located in Indonesia. Santosia is the capital of Santos. The territory of Santos consists of three landlocked area located in Indonesia and a fictional island.

Although the Santosian government claims itself as a federal republic, Santos was actually a presidential republic with the President as the head of state and the head of government, assisted by the Prime Minister. Santos was first proclaimed on 6 June 2011 by William Timothy. In 11 December 2011, the government of Santos went inactive due to embargo. On 30 March 2012, Santos were officially replaced by the Kingdom of William Ranger. This micronation is considered the predecessor of the Republic of St. John.


Santos is named after a company in Indonesia named Santos Jaya Abadi.[1] Another etymology of "Santos" comes from Los Santos, a fictional city in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.[2]


United States of Santos

Photograph of open field on New M1, 5A

On June 6, 2011, William Timothy proclaimed the establishment of the United States of Santos after he left Tamola, a micronation who he once served as Prime Minister. Initially, Santos only claimed a small area named Santosia. Santosia became the capital of Santos. A month later, Santos annexed an area which was later named 5A. The area became the political center of Santos. [citation needed]

Federal Republic of Santos

The micronation soon got the attention of some of nearby Indonesian micronations namely Indokistan and Los Bay Petros. In August 2011, the United States of Santos changed its official name to the Federal Republic of Santos. In the same month, Santos joined a regional organization called the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM), making Santos second non-founding member of the organization. [citation needed]

Embargo and inactivity

On 9 December 2011, the governments of Los Bay Petros and Indokistan declared an embargo to Santos due to "disrespectful acts and plagiarism made by [the government of Santos]". This also causes Santos membership inside AIM temporarily revoked "until unknown time".[3] This embargo caused the government of Santos to become inactive. After a period of inactivity, the Santosian government were officially replaced by the Kingdom of William Ranger on 30 March 2012.[4]

Government and politics

Although the Santosian government is officially claimed to be a federal government, Santos was a presidential republican government with no political party with the President as head of state and head of government. The President was assisted by a Vice President and Prime Minister who were appointed by the President. The President takes office during his lifetime and will be replaced immediately if he dies or resigns. Throughout the history of Santos, William Timothy was the only President of Santos. Santos was the one of few micronations that does not have a legislative organ, though there was an unofficial semi-legislative body that was located in 5A.

Administrative divisions

Administratively, Santos consisted of administrative states, which is subdivided into several cities. As of December 2011, Santos were divided into several administrative states.

Name of State(s) Capital
Santosia (and several minors states) Santosia
5A Old M1 (July - August 2011)
M1 (August 2011 onwards)
Malogu -
Williamland Livera

Foreign relations

Santos was a member of the Association of Indonesian Micronations

Santos had close semi-formal relations with Indokistan in July 2011. Since then, the number of micronations who have opened diplomatic relations with St. John had been grown since that time.

Santos had been a member of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) since August 2011 until December 9, 2011 when its membership temporarily revoked due to an embargo made by the governments of Indokistan and Los Bay Petros. Despite Santos had been a member of AIM and was known to intermicronational communities, Santos never had a diplomatic relations with any micronations, not even the members of AIM.[5]