Kingdom of William Ranger

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Kingdom of William Ranger
Kerajaan William Ranger
Motto: "Tanah susu dan madu" (Indonesian)
(Indonesian: Land with milk and honey)
Anthem: God Save the King
File:William Ranger location.png
Location of William Ranger in 2013
CapitalUnited Mutiara
Official languagesIndonesian
Demonym(s)William Rangerian
GovernmentUnitary absolute monarchy
• King
Establishment30 March 2012
CurrencyRupeeyah (proposed; de jure)
Indonesian rupiah (de facto)
Time zoneUTC +7
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Federal Republic of Santos
Republic of New Santos

William Ranger, officially the Kingdom of William Ranger or William Ranger Kingdom (Indonesian: Kerajaan William Ranger), was a micronation in Indonesia that existed from 30 March 2012 to 2 April 2013. It was the de jure successor of the Federal Republic of Santos. William Ranger is an absolute monarchy with slight republican influence. The territory of William Ranger consists of three landlocked area located in Java Island and two fictional territories. United Mutiara is the capital city and seat of government of William Ranger.

In early 2013, the government of William Ranger began to be inactive and ultimately disbanded on April 2013. The micronation was reformed as New Santos, then again became the Republic of St. John.


William Ranger was originally a micronation named Santos. Santos was founded in June 2011 by William Timothy, who was also the President of the micronation. Several months later, Santos was embargoed by Los Bay Petros and Indokistan. This caused the Santosian government to become inactive and ultimately dissolved.

On 30 March 2012, William Timothy, the former President of Santos, announced that Santos was succeeded by a kingdom named William Ranger. He also declared himself as the King of the new micronation. The micronation later decided that United Mutiara (also formerly known as M1) was the capital of William Ranger. In early 2013, the government of William Ranger started to become inactive. King William, who disinterested with William Ranger, declared the dissolution of William Ranger on 2 April 2013, three days after the first anniversary of the foundation of William Ranger. After a short period of interregnum, William Ranger was succeeded by the Republic of New Santos.

Government and politics

United Mutiara, the capital city of William Ranger.

William Ranger is an absolute monarchy where the power of the monarch is absolute. Despite William Ranger declared itself as an absolute monarchy, William Ranger had a slight republican influence due in fact the monarch is elected by the people every three years, which actually never happened due to William Ranger's dissolution.

Administrative divisions

Administratively, William Ranger consisted of three administrative states, which is subdivided into several cities. At the time of the establishment, William Ranger annexed almost all territories that previously claimed by former Federal Republic of Santos. Upon the time of dissolution, William Ranger were divided into six administrative states, two of them are fictional.

Flag State Annexed/Established Disestablished Capital Notes
Mutiara 30 March 2012 2 April 2013 United Mutiara Formerly known as 5A Protectorate
Pasia 30 March 2012 2 April 2013 Memorial City Formerly known as Santosia
North Blastnya 9 April 2012 2 April 2013 William Plaza Initially known as Blastnya until February 2013, before divided into North Blastnya and South Blastnya
Armilandia 2012 June 2013 Armilandia Formerly known as Williamland
Aurelia 2012 2 April 2013 Griswall Fictional, based on the country of the same name in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception
South Blastnya 3 February 2013 2 April 2013 Great South Blastnya Result of division of Blastnya

Foreign relations

Despite being a micronation in Indonesia, William Ranger had never been a member of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) due to hostile relations between William Ranger and Los Bay Petros, one of founding member states of the Association of Indonesian Micronations.

Countries with bilateral relations with William Ranger