Confederation of Indonovia

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Confederation of Indonovia
Konfederasi Indonovia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Unity through Diversity"
Anthem: Allahu akbar
Official languagesBahasa Indonesian
GovernmentSemi-presidential Republic
LegislatureGeneral Congress
EstablishmentDe-facto - 2 April 2012
• Census
Time zoneUTC +7
UTC +0

The Confederation of Indonovia (Indonesian: Konfederasi Indonovia) was a trans-continental confederation that was established in 2 April 2012 by Harry Fitzpatrick and Mustafa Hakim. It was established after initial agreement was ratified between Indokistan and Monovia, but later more micronations declared their merger to Indonovia, such as Raflesinesia, and also Lurk Federation and Burkland, that both lend their territories to Indonovia. Members enjoyed a large amount of political freedom, in a manner similar to the United Arab States, although Indonovia had its own courts and parliament, and was in effect a super-nation.

Indonovia was collapsed in 11 April 2012 after Harry Fitzpatrick declared Monovia withrdrawal from the confederation, to allow Monovia to became a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Renasia.


The name "Indonovia" was coined by Matthew Burklandssen of Burkland on 3 April after joined in the merger discussion with Indokistan and Monovia. The name came from combination of its founding member names Indokistan (Indo) and Monovia (-novia). Although several new provinces have since joined, the name was preserved as it remembers when Monovia and Indokistan, initial members of the confederation, first united.


History of Indonovia was started on 30 March 2012, when Harry Fitzpatrick initiated talks with Mustafa Hakim about the proposed merger. The formal discussion was started only on 1 April, with Indokistan and Monovia merger process was concluded in no time. Few hours later Harry again proposed the Indokistani government to establish a union, which was finalised as a confederation. A period of provisional authority was set on 2 April and was expected to be completed on 28 April, as requested by Mustafa Hakim.

Afterwards, the national flag and emblem was agreed, which features combination of national symbols of all member states. Motivated by Harry interest on Islam and inspired by Gaddafi Libya, Indonovian government agreed to set Islam as national religion, and to establish a similar goverment institution as the Jamahiriya, including to name the national legislature as "General Congress".

A week after the merger, Monovia suddenly declares its withdrawal from Indonovia by accepting SAR status from Renasia on 11 April, which threatens the confederation, as one of its principal members separated from the union. After Monovia withdrawal, the fate of Indonovia was uncertain, with the rest of member states lost interest to further proceed on the process. The confederation was disbanded shortly after, with Indokistan withdrawal, and Burkland and Lurk Federation repossessed the territory they previously lend to Indonovia.

Because of lacking of information, the Raflesinesia government has just realize the end of Indonovia on early of June 2012, as they are missing the latest news about the dissolution of Indonovia. At the period of May until June 2012, even after the end of Indonovia, they still made a Twitter account dedicated to Indonovia.

Administrative division

Indonovia had 3 member states as results of merging of micronations. Burkland and Lurk Federation later lend some of their landclaims for Indonovia as a goodwill and sign of support, yet until its disbandment was not assigned to any particular member states.

Flag State Capital Governor Location
Indokistan Jumstraad Mustafa Hakim Jakarta, Indonesia
Monovia Mac'Giolla' Phádraig Harry Fitzpatrick Sheffield, United Kingdom
Raflesinesia Rethels Rayhan Haikal Jakarta, Indonesia

Gallery of administrative divisions