Strada (Pejaten)

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South Jakarta
Capital cityStrada
Largest cityStrada
Official language(s)English,Indonesian, Dutch, Stradan, Pejatenian, Japanese, Ruzreinan, Wurtzemburgish
- GovernorVacant
- SenatorSenator Ghebre Mikhael
Established21 June
Time zoneUTC+07

Strada is the capital city of the Republic of Pejaten. It's located in the Strada Area with other micronations such as Adiwiyata and Ruslandia. Strada is a school complex located in South Jakarta.


The name strada comes from the location of the city, the school complex which was owned by the strada group. There is no official meaning of the name strada by the Pejatenian Government, Stradan micronational governments, nor the official strada group. However, according to some dictionaries, strada in Italian translates to road, street, way, and path. Way and path seems like the original meaning of the word strada.