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The United Kingdom of Halenesia
Królevstvo Halenesia
Motto: Omnes In Unum (All but One)
Royal anthemSłońce Wzejdzie (The Rising Sun)
Official languagesEnglish, Polish, Mandarin
Recognised national languagesPolish
Recognised regional languagesMordrick, Cutlavanian
Ethnic groups (Year of ethnic groups data (if provided))Chinese Indonesian, Indonesian, French Indonesian
Religion(Year of religion data (if provided))Roman Catholic, Protestants
Organizational structureUnitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
• King
Joel W. (Jan II)
• Prime Minister
I. Marvin Panjaitan, Duke of Zeeholst
• Heir Apparent
Patrick A., Duke of Zeinerdam
Hall of Lords
Independence from the Republic of Indonesia
• The National Day of Independence
March 20
Purported currencyZollern (HLE)
Time zoneGMT+7
Calling code+62


Halenesia was found on November 1, 2015, by its foremost grand leader, Joel. He came up with an ideology in politics and quickly gained recognition from his friends. He then made Halenesia and became President. Halenesia started as a plain ordinary group of people who loved history and wanted to mix some of the political ideologies into one and made a quite successful country, enough now to stand 6 and a half years of Independence from the Republic of Indonesia. It's leader changed school, however, the followers in his old school still supported him and became his citizens. In his new school, he met a new country, Cutlavania, and how Halenesia joined Cutlavania in an action to help the country. They together became the United Kingdom. However, the country broke p against the union around March 2020, and became fully independent. The country recently also joined AIM, which is the Association of Indonesian Micronations. However, recently, the country has changed to a Kingdom by more popular and sympathetic votes of the people.


Halenesia comes and derives from the word Hellen, which is the state of Greece, or the Hellenic Republic. Halenesia was inspired by that name as being a name of competence, glory, and power. the second word is Hallelujah. A common word is known to people, which is common to the Christians. Halenesia, in Halenje, also means "A Thing of Silver and Gold". In other cases, it can also be called, land of silver and gold.

Reign of King Alexander I

In the United Kingdom of Cutlavania, President Joel gave his title to his fellow, Farrel Alexander, who then proposed to Joel as to become a Kingdom. The old President did. So, months have gone by, and Halenesia's actions prospered and stood strong with the powerful alliance with King B.M.W of Cutlavania. He especially had a strong connection with the King because he usually greets the old President and King after school. However, since the breakup of the union, Prince Alexander I was expelled from the Halenesian lineage and royal house connections, but still is a good friend to the president

Reign of President Patryk

The before--reformed president, Yuilov, or Yab, has often been called, once was the prime minister to the union of Cutlavania, under the rule of King B.M.W, and the then leader of Halenesia, was the cousin of President Yab, President Patryk. Prime Minister Patryk was a good leader and also a good person to always remind President Yab on National occasions and issues. Prime Minister Patryk is not often seen in public, since he lives far from President Yab's residence. Prime Minister Patryk until now, always reminds the people on small things, such as voting, and others, and most importantly, reminds the king to take care of certain National issues. Prime Minister Patryk is also a part of King Yohann II's royal family, however, he will inherit the throne once there is no patriarchal successor to King Yohann II's own family.

Reign of President Yuilov

The current president, Yuliov, is now the leader of the Halenesian people. President Yuilov is always active in his works inside the country. He always keeps the people in one society, and always tries to do fast yet wise decisions when faced with the public. President Yuilov is the maker of the Ideology, Flag, motto, and other national things. He is currently en route to making the Halenesian Constitution and the Ultimate Law.

Joining the union

For some time, the people of Halenesia sensed something intimidating from inside, and so they asked for an alliance to another country. The people also said that there was a conflict with somebody in the country. So the president, in his new school, saw a country that was coup d'etat fragile named Cutlavania. The president joined that country ever since

The president of cutlavania was deposed from a coup de'tat, with a local noble gaining the throne. With this small opportunity, Halenesia proposed an alliance with the Cutlavanian monarch. He sadly refused, but they got another opportunity at alliance when the monarch was deposed again and King B.M.W was instated. King B.M.W was also a local noble but sympathized with Halenesia. So he proposed a union between the 2 monarchs where both monarchs would be ruling both nations at the same time or a dual monarchy as it stated.

However, one day, the President and the King had a long conversation about religion and he radicalism of one's religion. one of the men from the King's country broke into the conversation and heated op the stove. So the president did not have any peace anymore in the country, as he was bullied badly by the conversation breaker, Omar. The King broke up with the union but was still with good ties with Cutlavania until now

A new monarchy

in progress

Short Conflicts

When the President (Patrick) went back to become President, the King, King Alexander Emeritus I, reported this to Cutlavania. The KIng of Cutlavania asked the Advisor for being back to being a kingdom so they can rule as a double country. However, the President didn't want to. Also, as the conflict of the President going away from the union, the country then came to become a full Democratic, permanently.

Renewing and Betterment

in progress

Foreign relations

Halenesia is always good as foreign relations, however, sometimes, the Advisor is sometimes very sensitive to what is said by others. Now the President and the Advisor are tying the relations back with Cutlavania after the breakdown of the United Kingdom with Halenesia itself.

Current News

in progress