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The Current flag of Cutlavania.
Motto: -
Cutlavania is Jakarta
Location of Cutlavania in the Java archipeligo
Recognised national languagesIndonesian, English
Demonym(s)Cutlav (Informal) Cutlavanian (Formal)
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy with a Democratically Representated Population
Independence from Republic of Indonesia
• Independence date
19 January 2019
• Total
0.0009 km2 (0.00035 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
CurrencyRupiah (de facto)
Time zoneGMT +7
Driving sideleft
Calling code+62


The Birth of a new micronation

With growing discontent with the Indonesian Administration of certain areas in Jakarta, a group of 5 people decided that their best course of action was to secede from Indonesia as soon as possible. Often the group would get together for a while and talk about politics, emblems, ideologies and such. So as a result, on the 19th of January 2019, the group finally declared independence from the Republic of Indonesia. Cutlavania started out as a non-constitutional republic that elected a new head of state every 2 weeks, but a lack of a constitution to act as a safeguard or safety net against what and what isn't the power of the heads of state, and also how many times a head of state can get reelected caused the position to be easily taken advantage of. It was decided in the early parts of march 2019, that the system of heads of state would be abolished, replaced with a constitutional monarchy with a democratic representatives from then on called as "nobles"

Tri-Dynastical Conflict (August 2019 - January 29, 2021)

A string of disasters and scandals that had caused the republic to fall has caused a power vacuum. In the wake of this disaster, the noble groups led by BMW, Jan II, and Jeremy fought and made alliances with one another to seize the Cutlav Throne

Reign of King Jeremy I (August 2019-September 2019)

In the month of July in the year of 2019, a troubling young man joined the nation. The council for the presidency were desperate for a new leader, as they have just impeached the last president. Without question, man was elected as the King of Cutlavania even with some minor verbal protests from the populace. He made some daring reforms like abolishing some taxes and erasing most of the rules that were made to safeguard the nation's independence. These reforms have proven unacceptable for the council who immediately denounced the reforms and sent the newly elected king a formal complaint. The king, wanting to have more power decided to the council. This didn't go well with the population causing the newly established king to be forced abdicated. After abdicating, he marched on south and made a new country declaring himself emperor of the world while bringing half of the population,a councilman and the General of the Cutlavanian army as hostages.

Civil War

After the abdication, the question of who would be king was raised again. They decided to elect one of the leading founder of Cutlavania, that is BMW. From this, King Jeremy declared himself king of a new nation and declared war on Cutlavania. The general of Cutlavania and a couple of nobles went with king Jeremy and with that the king declared war on Cutlavania.

To be realistic, the war was more of who could take their citizens first to drive them out of the country business. The outcome of the war was brutal for Cutlavania, losing 7 out of the 8 battles in the conflict. The result was a stalemate, even though King Jeremy and his nobles won almost all the battles, the nobles and even the general of Cutlavania surrendered to King BMW causing a stale mate for both sides.

First Reign of King BMW (September 2019 - 21 May 2020)

The only notable thing that King BMW did was unify the 3 scrambling micronations scattered all about in Central Jakarta into a single unified kingdom.

1st and 2nd Religious Conflicts

As the king proposed a new decree to enforce religious freedom throughout the realm, a part of the nobility and the clergy rose up in revolt. As a result the king had to ban all public gatherings of clergymen and the nobility

Broken Union

The aftermath of the conflicts has led Cutlavania to become weak and fragile. Using this opportunity, the kingdom of Halenesia, Morgar, and Colonia decided to break the union and filed for independence. With a weakened state at risk of disintergration entirely, the king decided to recognize their independence.

First Reign of King Jan II Yuilov of Halenesia (21 May 2020 - June 11, 2020)

With the nation weak, and stability in its lowest, King Joel of Halenesia decided to offer BMW to take over as king until his nation heals over. Without hesitation, king BMW decided to accept the offer and went into exile. So as of then, king Jan II (Joel) is now the king of Cutlavania and Halenesia.

The reign lasted a month, where Jan II (Joel) ruled the country uneventfully and with no disasters occuring.

The reign was ended when King Jan abdicated the throne and was replaced by king BMW as the king in power of the confederation.

Second Reign of King BMW (June 11, 2020 - August 2020)

Not much information is known during this one month, all we know is that the populace was unsatisfied with BMW's rule, causing him to abdicate and for King Jan to unwillingly retake the throne.

Second Reign of King Jan II (Joel) (August 2020 - September 2020)

With king BMW exiled and King Jan II (Joel) in place of the exiled king, he decided to unite the entire region under one banner, a Chinese banner. King Joel decided that the nation should be a Chinese going one, and so decided that the union of Cutlavania, and Halenesia would unite and form a Chinese nation as a form of continuation of the old Chinese system.

Claims on the Chinese Throne

As the Kingdom now turned into a Chinese leaning one, the King decided that he would claim the Chinese crown, and so from then until his abdication, King Jan II was deemed as the pretender to the Chinese throne.


King Jan's rule was not too popular with the population, as his sinocization policies were frowned upon by most and so, after multiple protests and revolts, King Jan abdicated, taking his family name with him.

Third Reign of King BMW (September 2020 - October 1, 2020)

As the king Abdicated, the previous king of the country, BMW has risen up to retake the throne and become the ruler of Cutlavania.

Communal-Anarchic Revolution

Due to the many switches of kings in just a span of a year, anti monarchic movements began to rise up. These anti monarchic movements were not to restore the old republic, but were to establish an communal-anarchic country that focuses more on the citizens and with the people ruling instead of an autocrat.

The Revolution started in October 1, although at first they were met with fierce resistance, the monarchy eventually lost to the anarchists after 7 days, and on October 8, the Monarchy was abolished and the king Exiled.


Several secret societies and Radical Right Leaning Parties were formed to purposely exploit the weakness of the monarchy system implemented by Cutlavania. So after a week of planning and diversions of the king resources for preparations, they sprung up in unison on the first of October 2020. The revolt was lead by 4 figures, ADHIOS, Aeromod, Asterixx, and Zoop. They would be known as the first leaders of the Kutlav Commune, the state that revolted from Cutlav.

Aftermath of The War of the 3 Heads

Fourth Reign of King BMW(30 september 2021 -)

The Country has failed, King BMW is the sole ruler left to rule the nation destroyed from the revolution.

Autocracy Proclaimed

BMW, has proclaimed that for a nation to be stable, it must have a strong leader, so he proclaimed that he would be leading a Military Autocracy with himself controlling every aspect of his citizen's life, hence, creating an autocracy with himself as an absolute ruler "destined" to control the nation and ensure stability.

Parliament of Nobles