Republic of Berakistan

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Republic of Berakistan
Republik Berakistan


West Java, Indonesia
Capital cityGemparingrad
Official language(s)Indonesian language
Short nameBerakistan
GovernmentUnitary presidential republic
- PresidentMochammad Gempar
Established7 January 2018
Disestablished24 July 2020
Population15 (at the time of dissolution)
Time zoneUTC +7

The Republic of Berakistan (Indonesian: Republik Berakistan) was a micronation located in West Java, Indonesia. It was founded on 7 January 2018 after its establishment was declared by Mochammad Gempar, which also becomes the first and only president of the country. During its existence, Berakistan is accepted to the Association of Indonesian Micronations in early 2019, with full membership status bestowed on 8 October 2019. On 24 July 2020, President Gempar declared the dissolution of Berakistan.[1]