Arkapore-Indokistan relations

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Arkapore-Indokistan relations refers to bilateral relations of Arkapore and Indokistan. Both nations are mutual members of Association of Indonesian Micronations and Micronational Association of Southeast Asia. Relations between both countries are very complicated compared to relations between other countries inside its sector.


The relations were notable since Arkaporean leader Tian Abdurrahman inconsistently join Indokistan and secede, to be reunited, and secede again. This chain had occured for nearly three times, before their latest secession in January 2014 that ended in a diplomatic conflict.

Relations between Arkapore as Drastharayan constituent and Indokistan currently remain warm, as friendship has been bond between individuals from both countries. Despite of bad sentiments of Tian Abdurrahman in Indokistan after his departure, he once sent an friendship letter to Indokistan on June 2014, wrote that he already recognizes Indokistan as "my own family" despite the facts that he never physically meet.