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United Democratic Republic of Excellent
Excellent Flag 2-3 2000-.jpgEmblem of Excellent.jpg


English: One for All, All for One

National Anthem of United Democratic Republic of Excellent
Capital cityMosswiss
Largest cityNova Jokrtan
Official language(s)English, Indonesian, Excellent
Official religion(s)Christianity, Islam
Short nameExcellent
GovernmentHereditary semi-monarchy presidential republic
- PresidentAnthony Thomas
- Deputy Presidentvacant
LegislatureNational Assembly of Excellent
Area claimed2km²
Population30 (as of 2013 census)
CurrencyExcellent Raanstaam
Time zoneUTC +7
National sportChess
National animalExcellent Cat

The United Democratic Republic of Excellent, known by the short name Excellent is a micronation founded on August 10, 2006. It is based in Surakarta, Indonesia.

Politically, Excellent is a unitary republic based on hereditary presidency system and with central government based in central capital of Mosswiss. Excellent is led by Anthony Thomas as head of state and head of government ruling since country's establishment.

Excellent is relatively active in intermicronational world, especially in Indonesian micronationalism. Excellent is a member of Association of Indonesian Micronations and Micronational Association of Southeast Asia.

According to the calculation using Boodlesmythe-Tallini classification, Excellent is categorized as 5th world, and according to the Linden's classification, Excellent scores a 4.0.


The name of Excellent originated from the founder's idea to bring excellent way to lead a country.


The idea to form a sovereign country originated from 2005. The founder, Anthony Thomas, had a dream to be the President of Indonesia if he becomes a grown up man. But after several reasons, he turned down the dream, saying that it would be impossible to him. After a long process of decision, he formed a micronation which he called "Excellent", because he wanted to bring excellent way to lead a country. But he kept it, because he did not want to be called a secessionist, so he launched it at 2012, after he found some micronationalist who is exactly shared same year of birth and hobbies. Firstly called as Excellent Republic, it is now called The United Democratic Republic of Excellent, after some time of making official historical account.

Government and politics

The United Democratic Republic of Excellent has a governmental system of unitary, single-party semi republic, whose head of state, the President, is elected for 10-year term. The President can prolong the term in the third term, extending it into life term. The presidential succession of Excellent is similar like those of kingdom, where the head of state is succeeded by the Heir to The Throne, either presumptive or hereditary heir. In Excellent this term is changed to "Heir to The Sword of Excellent". The reason of this creation of position of The Heir to The Sword of Excellent is the relations between the Excellent Republic and the "historical" Kingdom of Jokrtania, who shared same entities and in "fact", Excellent presidents are descended from the Royal Family of Excellent.

Legislative power is exercised by Excellent National Assembly, which is composed from appointed members of Excellent Party, appointed members of Excellent National Armed Forces and appointed members from professional organizations like Teacher's Union, Doctor's Union, Worker's Union, etc.

Political system in this country is concentrated on a single party, Excellent Party, who has extraordinary power to serve as the people's voice. Excellent Party has been accused to be corrupt, inefficient, and lavish, however after the leadership of Anthony Thomas, the party is reforming itself from inside, particularly because of young succession that seems to take over the control of the Party.

Foreign relations

The United Democratic Republic of Excellent followed the "free and active policy according to the national ideology" as the sole basis in its foreign relations. Recently, Excellent had diplomatic relations with Federal State of Indokistan, Republic of Omahkulon and Republic of Kaleido.

Military, Law and Order

Task to secure the country is administered by Excellent National Armed Forces, who has four branches in its division. Those branch is Excellent National Army, Excellent National Navy, Excellent National Air Force, and Excellent National Gendarmerie. The commander is the Heir to The Sword of Excellent by practice, but there was an extraordinary case when the second President, who at that time was the Heir, chooses to be academic. Automatically, the commander position was vacant, and so the President himself who exercised the power. Excellent National Armed Forces had drawn diverse views from the people, as the Central Government said it. Nowadays, the portrayals are mostly positive, because the incumbent President is an active soldier and often quoted as saying that "the military years is the best years of my life."


Excellent recognizes two languages as the official languages, it is English and Bahasa Indonesia. Excellent language is a language for official purpose in Kingdom of Jokrtania, but apparently it extincted as English came to be the official language after British Invasion of 1920. Efforts to resurrect this language have been made by the Central Government.


Excellent has two main media, it is Excellent State Television and Voice of Free Excellent. Excellent State Television is the sole television company in Excellent, and it is government-owned. Excellent State Television has five main channel: ESTV One for government purpose, ESTV Two for military purpose, ESTV Three for Party purpose, ESTV Four for arts, and ESTV Five for children and student. Currently, there are one active channel, it is ESTV One. To spread informations inside the country to outside world, Excellent uses its international radio, Voice of Free Excellent. Currently, the status is inactive. Excellent has a Facebook page, United Democratic Republic of Excellent.