Kranggan Agreement

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Territorial Division Agreement between Republic of Indokistan and Republic of Raflesinesia
Persetujuan Pembagian Daerah Antara Republik Indokistan dan Republik Raflesinesia
Type of treaty Agreement
24 July 2012
12 August 2012
Kranji, LBP
Nabil Ihsan
Rayhan Haikal
Languages Indonesian

Kranggan Agreement, or in full name "Territorial Division Agreement between Republic of Indokistan and Republic of Raflesinesia" (Indonesian:Persetujuan Kranggan, Persetujuan Pembagian Daerah antara Republik Indokistan dan Republik Raflesinesia) was an agreement set by government of Indokistan and former Raflesinesia. The text was drafted on a meeting between both government representatives on July 2012, and signed during 2012 LIR Union Summit. The short name "Kranggan Agreement" derived from the region that divided for two nations.


Both nations coincidentally claimed a same territory in Kranggan, a municipality located in Bekasi, Indonesia on June 2012. To avoid confusion and overlapping claims, both nations leader, Nabil Ihsan and Rayhan Haikal initiated a document draft to officially creates a clear border, dividing the territory, separating Indokistan and Raflesinesia.


The preamble of the agreement said that the agreement was made to stabilise diplomatic relations and ends the territory confusion between both countries.

The first point declares the designed territory that divided for two nations, and the second declares that both nations receives equal size of territory - which annulled after later exploration proves that Indokistan have larger territory than Raflesinesia, because both sides lacking of knowledge of total size of the location during the composition.

Third and fourth points declared that there will be buffer region that administered jointly between both countries with consent. Beside that, the buffer region allows citizens between both countries to visit without visas and passport needed.


After the charter signed and ratified by both signatories, the division of Kranggan territory set by both nations effectively in effect. Unification of Raflesinesia to Indokistan on February 2013 ends this agreement, since the territory assigned on this agreement entirely under Indokistan control after that.