Battle of Jumstraad

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Battle of Jumstraad
Part of Indokistan-Ntolian War
Date7 April 2011
Result Indokistan victory
Indokistan Armed Forces
Indokistani volunteers
Noflag.png Ntolia

Battle of Jumstraad took place on 7 April 2011 between Indokistan and Ntolian during Indokistan-Ntolian War. It was a failed attempt of Ntolians to take over Indokistani territory, particularly Jumstraad and Farhangrad.


Newly-established Ntolia pledged to wage war against Indokistan, with its official declaration of war declared on 6 April 2011. At that same time, Ntolian armies suddenly attacked Farhangrad building and archives office to steal important objects, which guarding Indokistani armies successfully kicked the attackers out. In the evening of 6 April, Ntolia issued a letter threatening full-scale invasion if Indokistan refused to handover the original declaration of independence text.


Farhangrad Building, the main location of the battle.

The battle was started at 14:00 Indokistani time (UTC +7) when Ntolian army with their full-power attacked Indokistan. Their main objective was a total takeover of Jumstraad and Farhangrad building. Their plan to attack Jumstraad was to create power vacuum by attacking on the very core part of the country. As precautions, Indokistan Armed Forces, with Badra Shidqi and Nabil Ihsan as commanders had prepared to defend the city, while took the country's leader Farhan Abdurrahman and Dicky L. K. refuge to a bunker near Farhangrad.

Ahead from the planned invasion time, Indokistan armies had build several blockades on Jumstraad roads, which later was found effective on holding Ntolian armies. On the early minutes of the battle, the Ntolians was quick on their offensives as Indokistani fighters overwhelmed by their power, and was immediately took over 30% of Jumstraad territory. Indokistani troops later successfully overpowering Ntolian troops, but Badra Shidqi was twice taken hostage by Ntolian armies, before freed by intervening Indokistani troops.

Shortly after 16:00 (UTC +7), Indokistani troops successfully defending Jumstraad border and push Ntolians out from the city. Ntolians had failed on fulfilling their objectives of total takeover, instead suffering on their losses of manpower.


The defeat severely hampered Ntolians spirit and manpower, that reduced the possiblities of Ntolian victory during the war. Ntolians never recover their full power since 7 April. After the battle, Ntolians attempted several attacks against Indokistan, but easily crushed.

On 8 April, Ntolian government sent a letter requesting a ceasefire, and was fulfilled by Indokistan, after they proposing a peace negosiation. The negosiation was failed and Indokistan refused to continue the negosiation process.