Air Petrosian (Los Bay Petros)

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Air Petrosian
IATA (planned) ICAO (planned) Callsign
Que bec
FoundedJanuary 2010 (as LBPair), February 2013 (as Air Petrosian)
Operating basesSantiago International Airport
Aviabaza Intercontinental Airport, Halim
HubsAdji Rizqi Bayrschtein Intermicronational Airport
Faizingrad Airport
Internationale IA, Faizingrad
Adriansyah Yasin - Newark IA
Secondary hubsJumstraad Intermicronational Airport
Soekarno Hatta Intermicronational Airport, Soekarnograd
AllianceLA3 (Los Bay Petrosian Airline Alliance Association)
Fleet size22
Parent companyIndependent
HeadquartersMulach District, Bayrschtein
Key peopleAdriansyah Yassin Sulaeman
Operating income~250,000,000RL/annual
Net income~750,000,000RL/annual

Air Petrosian is the flag carrier national airline of Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. The airline was founded on January 8 2010 by the name of LBPair by Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman and the second Los Bay Petrosian Minister of Transportation And Construction, Bima Putra. The hub is located in the Los Bay Petrosian capital city airport of Adji Rizqi Bayrschtein Intermicronational Airport . The airline currently operates virtually using the Airline Manager app on Facebook.

As the economical situation gets better in Los Bay Petros, the Air Petrosian expands its routes and connect the Los Bay Petrosian territory and other Indonesian Micronational routes. So far, Air Petrosian operates 67 routes of Domestic, Intermicronational and also International.


Air Petrosian Fleet and Registration
Aircraft Registration
DLPA Baltak-19 (15) LP-UZ1, LP-UZ2, LP-UZ3, LP-UZ4, LP-UZ5, LP-UZ6, LP-UZ7, LP-UZ8, LP-UZ9
Boeing 737-800 (1) AM-AC
Dassault Mercure (1) LP-001
Douglas DC-3 (2) LP-DC, LP-DC2
Antonov An-38 (2) LP-SMF LP-VIM
Bombardier DHC-2 (2) LP-CAK, LP-CZM
Yakovlev Yak-40 (2) LP-BYA, LP-BYA2
Let L-410 Turbolet (3) LP-X9Q, LP-CZM, LP-ZA3
Antonov An-26 (2) LP-SM LP-SM2


After the recent Air Petrosian revitalization, Air Petrosian operates 22 flights, including domestic flight and currently serves 3 Intermicronational flights.

Air Petrosian Flight Map
Air Petrosian Boeing 747 Livery
Air Petrosian Boeing 737 Livery
City Country Region IMATO Airport Remarks
Arutalapura Los Bay Petros Indonesia: Jakarta ART Otto Von Bismarck Airport
Batangpura-Sarkies Los Bay Petros Singapore SIN/BPS Yusof bin Ihsak Intercontinental Airport
Bayrschtein Los Bay Petros Indonesia: Jakarta DRD Allevon - Dredim Intermicronational Airport H
Bayrschtein Los Bay Petros Indonesia: Jakarta BYR Adji Rizqi Bayrschtein Intermicronational Airport H
Buitenkovo Los Bay Petros Indonesia: West Java BTV Atang Senjaya Airport
Dagen-Madinah Los Bay Petros Indonesia: Banten DGN Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa Airport
Djoenggo Los Bay Petros Indonesia: East Java MLG/DJG Djoenggo Airport
Faizingrad Los Bay Petros Indonesia: Banten FVI Juan Mata Flughafen Vintorei Intermicronational H
Jumstraad Indokistan Indonesia: West Java -- Jumstraad Airport
Kebon Belakang Fiharaya Indonesia: Bali DPS/-- Kebon Belakang Airport
Labstadt Los Bay Petros Indonesia: Jakarta LBD Hady Faiz Regional Airport
Manila PS San Andreas Philippines MNL/-- Ninoy Aquino International Airport
Medan Los Bay Petros Indonesia: North Sumatera MES Polonia Airport Transit-bound to Seulawah
Melankoye Los Bay Petros Indonesia: West Kalimantan PNK/MKY Melankoye Airport
Newark City Indonesia Indonesia: Banten NWE Adriansyah Yassin-Newark Airport
Ostenkass Los Bay Petros Indonesia: South Sulawesi UPG/OSK Hasyim Akbari Qashas Airport
Prianganstadt Centrale Los Bay Petros Indonesia: West Java PRG Otto Iskandar Dinata Airport
Sutton Indokistan Indonesia: West Java STT Sutton Intermicronational Airport
Bandar Melayu, Melayu Federal Territory Los Bay Petros Indonesia: Jambi DJB/RGS Bandar Melayu Batanghari Intermicronational Airport
Seulawah Los Bay Petros Indonesia: Aceh BTJ/SLW Hujung Pulo Airport
Westbrom Los Bay Petros Indonesia: Jambi PLB/WBR Bandar Melayu Airport
Yogyakarta Indonesia Indonesia: DIY Yogyakarta JOG Adisucipto International Airport Transit-bound to Djoenggo

Disaster and Accidents

  • LB 002 - A DLPA 1 Aircraft failed to take off on the Hady Faiz-Labstadt Airport when its back wing broke into 2. Fortunately, no injuries was reported.


Once Air Petrosian has one subsidiaries who is also an airline, the Aerofleet or Aeroexpress, the main hub of Aerofleet is located in Glasnost Intermicronational Airport, Fidelgrad. The fate of the subsidiary is now given to the newly-independent UMSSR.