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Banknotes of Urtas
ISO 4217
Banknotes5Ʉ, 10Ʉ, 20Ʉ, 50Ʉ, 100Ʉ, 500Ʉ
Coins1Ʉ, 2Ʉ
User(s)LIR Union member states
 •  Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros
 • Raflesinesia
 •  Federal State of Indokistan
Central bankLIR Union Joint Bank
PrinterLIR Union Joint Bank
Pegged with100 Indonesian Rupiah

The Urtas (sign: Ʉ; code: URT) was the official currency of LIR Union. It was made official on 20 June 2012, and was introduced to financial markets as an accounting curency on 30 June. Urtas was pegged to 100 Indonesian rupiah at par for stabilizing the currency's rate with the LIR Union purchasing power.

Despite of its official status, Urtas was never used as currency for all LIR Union members. Lack of printing company other than Los Bay Petros and distribution difficulties made the actual adoption of the currency became more difficult. The currency fell in use in February 2013, as LIR Union was collapse after Raflesinesia joined Indokistan, rendered the organisation and currency obsolete.

The name was the contraction from Indonesian uang kertas (paper money), an idea founded by Raflesinesian Rayhan Haikal. The entire banknotes, known as "Soekarno Series", was entirely designed by Los Bay Petrosian Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman. Until its disbandment, only the one company, Los Bay Petrosian Coinage & Banknote Printing co. who prints the banknotes of Urtas.