Schwanian krone

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Cignolaga krono
klon Svanalakänik
ISO 4217
Pluralkronoj (klons)
BanknotesKr.5, Kr.10, Kr.50
CoinsØ10, Ø25, Ø50, Kr.1
User(s)Flag Sch.PNG Schwanensee
Central bankKosmoBanko de Cignolago
Pegged withDeutsche Mark


The Schwanian krone (officially known as Cignolaga krono in Esperanto and klon Svanalakänik in Volapük) was the currency of the defunct Free Republic of Schwanensee. It was pegged to the obsolete Deutsche Mark (approximately 1/2 Euro), which, despite its obsolete status, was still regarded as legal tender within Schwanian territory and kept as foreign exchange reserves of the country. The central bank of Schwanensee, KosmoBanko de Cignolago, was responsible for exchanging the Schwanian Krone from and into any of the circulating currency. Just before the dissolution of Schwanensee in 2019, banknotes in circulation were 5, 10, and 50-Kronoj (rarely used) from the fifth series, accompanied by four coins from the third series valued 10, 25, 50-Oeroj (made of plastic), and 1-Krono (made of stainless steel).


The Kronen or Kronoj were first proposed on 31/08/2011, when the previous Prime Minister intended to introduce a new series of currency, since the old Schwanian Kosmosmark was undergoing hyperinflation and therefore not suitable for circulation any more. The new currency proposal was written on 01/09/2011, which was soon ratified by the parliament. The last note of the first series of banknotes was designed on 02/09/2011, and the second modified series was designed on 07/02/2012. These banknotes have already become invalid since the current fifth series was issued. For all previous series, there were also two types of banknotes issued: one for general circulation and the other solely for collection. Circulating notes are monochrome, while the ones for collection purposes are multicolored (not issued any more). Schwanensee also issued as small as 1/1000-Øre notes, but they have been withdrawn due to inflation.


Fifth Series ("Official Language Series": 2017 - 2019)

Front Images Back Images Denominations Equivalent to Themes of Obverse Quantities
5kr 1.png 5kr 2.png 5 Kronoj 5 Deutsche Mark (2,5 Euros) Erasmus 120
10kr 1.png 10kr 2.png 10 Kronoj 10 Deutsche Mark (5 Euros) Doctor Ludwik Zamenhof 80
50kr 1.png 50kr 2.png 50 Kronoj 50 Deutsche Mark (25 Euros) Monsignor Johann Martin Schleyer 40

Souvenir Series ("71st Anniversary of The Great Dictator Film", 2011)

Images Denominations Dimensions Themes of Obverse Themes of Reverse Quantities
Hynkelnote.PNG R$100000 17.86 cm x 7.86 cm Adenoid Hynkel Adenoid Hynkel 7
Herringnote.PNG R$100000 17.86 cm x 7.86 cm Hermann Herring Hynkel Bell 7
Garbitschnote.PNG R$100000 17.86 cm x 7.86 cm Joseph Garbitsch Big Bertha 7
Napoloninote.PNG R$100000 17.86 cm x 7.86 cm Benzino Napaloni Benzino Napaloni 7


Third Series ("Plastic & Metal Series", 2018 - 2019)

Images Denominations Equivalent to Elements Materials Quantities
Oeroj.jpg 10 Oeroj

25 Oeroj

50 Oeroj

10 Pfennig (1/20 Euro)

25 Pfenning (1/8 Euro)

50 Pfennig (1/4 Euro)

Swan with cross Plastic 50
Muenze1.PNG 1 Krono 1 Deutsche Mark (1/2 Euro) Swan with cross Stainless steel 500

Preceded by: Currency of Schwanensee Succeded by: Coa1.png
Schwanian Kosmosmark 2011 - 2019 None