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Cignolaga krono
klon Svanalakänik
ISO 4217
 1/100Oero (Klonazim)
PluralKronoj, Oeroj
SymbolKr., Ø
BanknotesKr.5, Kr.10, Kr.50
CoinsØ10, Ø25, Ø50, Kr.1
ReplacedKosmosmark (1.000.000:1)
User(s) Schwanensee
Central bankKosmoBanko de Cignolago
Pegged withDeutsche Mark

The Schwanian krone (officially known as Cignolaga krono in Esperanto and klon Svanalakänik in Volapük) was the currency of the defunct Free Republic of Schwanensee. It was pegged to the obsolete Deutsche Mark (approximately 1/2 Euro), which, despite its obsolete status, was still regarded as legal tender within Schwanian territory and kept as foreign exchange reserves of the country. The central bank of Schwanensee, KosmoBanko de Cignolago, was responsible for exchanging Kronen from and into any of the circulating currency. Prior to the dissolution of Schwanensee in 2019, banknotes in circulation were 5, 10, and 50-Kronoj from the fifth series, accompanied by four types of coins from the third series valued 10, 25, 50-Oeroj (made of plastic) and 1-Krono (made of stainless steel). In addition, several types of coupons denominated in the subunit Oero or Klonazim (i.e., 1/100 Krono) were also issued and used as complements to the circulating coins. A sixth series of banknotes consisting of four larger denominations as well as a new edition of coupons were planned and printed in late 2019, but they were never issued due to the dissolution of the country.


Kosmosmark (KM) banknotes under hyperinflation, with the rate of KM 1 million = Kr.1

The Kronen or Kronoj were first proposed on 31/08/2011: Prime Minister of the Republic of Ceskonia, which would later change its name to Schwanensee, intended to introduce a new series of currency for the country, since the old, hand-stamped Kosmosmark had been undergoing hyperinflation, therefore not suitable for circulation any more. The new currency proposal was drafted on 01/09/2011, which was soon ratified by the parliament. The first series of the Kronen banknotes was rather a transitional one - Its design followed the simplicity of the previous Kosmosmark, which hardly had any security features. Therefore, as the name of the country had officially been changed, a second series of banknotes, which was supposed to be much more sophisticated in design and printing technique, was considered necessary. Designed on September 2011, this series of banknotes was expected to be a souvenir that could draw visitors' attraction to the newly renamed country, thus ended up having an unnecessary variety of 41 different denominations ranging from Ø0,001 (never entered circulation because of its insignificant value) up to Kr.50000 (as national reserves). It was followed by a modified third series of banknotes in late 2012 and also the first ever coin series of the country in 2013, both of which served only as national gifts to leaders of other friendly micronations. Therefore, the second series of banknotes had been the only useable type of currency in circulation, until it was gradually replaced by the newly designed fourth series in 2014. Both the second and the fourth series had two distinctive editions - one was printed monochrome and intended for general circulation, the other was multicolored and solely for numismatic purposes. Since the fifth series of banknotes was issued in 2017, all previous types of currency were immediately withdrawn from circulation. This last series of banknotes was later accompanied by the second and the third series of coins as well as the newly introduced coupons (Oerkuponoj) in 2018, all of which were intended for general circulation.


Fifth Series ("Official Language Series": 2017 - 2018)

Obverse Reverse Denomination Equivalent to Theme of obverse Mintage
Kr.5 DM5 (€2,5) Erasmus 52 (Variant I), 76 (Variant II)
Kr.10 DM10 (€5) Doctor Ludwik Zamenhof 42 (Variant I), 42 (Variant II)
Kr.50 DM50 (€25) Monsignor Johann Martin Schleyer 42 (Variant I)

Sixth Series ("Schwanian City Series": Printed in 2019, never issued)

Main color Denomination Equivalent to Theme of obverse Theme (city) of reverse Mintage Remarks
Blue Kr.100 DM100 (€50) Personified representation of Schwanensee Lespedezo 4
Red Kr.300 DM300 (€150) Revolutionary youth Acerrivero 4 Commemorating the start of Cyrillization Movement
Lilac Kr.500 DM500 (€250) Personified representation of Schwanensee Leto 4
Brown Kr.1000 DM1000 (€500) Personified representation of the Moon Novurbo 4 Planned for interbank transactions only

Souvenir Series ("71st Anniversary of The Great Dictator Film", 2011)

Image Denomination Dimension Theme of obverse Theme of reverse Mintage
R$100000 17.86 cm x 7.86 cm Adenoid Hynkel Adenoid Hynkel Max. 7
R$100000 17.86 cm x 7.86 cm Hermann Herring Hynkel Bell Max. 7
R$100000 17.86 cm x 7.86 cm Joseph Garbitsch Big Bertha Max. 7
R$100000 17.86 cm x 7.86 cm Benzino Napaloni Benzino Napaloni Max. 7


First Series ("Flag & Seal Series", 2013)

Image Denomination Equivalent to Theme of reverse Mintage Remarks



DM1 (50c)

DM2 (€1)

DM5 (€2,5)

Schwanian seal under national flag 4 Not for general circulation

Second Series ("Moon Series", 2018 A)

Image Denomination Equivalent to Theme of reverse Mintage Remarks


DM1 (50c)

DM2 (€1)

Personified representation of the Moon 8 Withdrawn in early 2019

Third Series ("Crossed Swan Series", 2018 B)

Image Denomination Equivalent to Theme of reverse Material Mintage



10pf (5c)

25pf (12,5c)

50pf (25c)

Swan with cross Plastic 100
Kr.1 DM1 (50c) Swan with cross Stainless steel 2000

Coupons (Oerkuponoj)

First Series (2018)

Image Denomination Theme Mintage Remarks
Blank Coat of Arms 20 Without printed value - used as one-time coupons with handwritten value less than Ø10

Second Series (Printed in 2019, never issued)

Denomination Equivalent to Theme Mintage Remarks
Sheet of Ø1, Ø2, Ø5 1pf (0,5c), 2pf (1c), 5pf (2,5c) Value 10 With the value of Ø80 per sheet - could be torn apart as individual coupons when used

Preceded by: Currency of Schwanensee Succeded by:
Ceskonian Kosmosmark 2011 - 2019 None