Barakstan Federation

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Idealist, Sociable & Religious
Idealis, Sosialisasi & Agamis
Albania, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Indonesia, Laos, Namibia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan
Capital city Generations Place
Largest city Dayeuh
Official language(s) Bahasa Indonesia
Official religion(s) Islam (Majority)
Short name Barakstan
Demonym Barakstani
Government Semi-presidential Republic
Legislature Barakstani Parlement Council
- Last election - April 22nd 2012
Area claimed 4 km2
Population 71
Currency Indonesian Rupiah, etc
Time zone UTC+7

Barakstan is a transcontinental micronation that the territory was scattered in Asia, Europe and Africa.


Barakstan was firstly established as the Democratic Republic of Tian Abdurahman, that the current location of the former Tian Abdurahman Republic become the location of the capital city of Tian Generations Place, the first republic were lasted from 7 March 2011 until 2 March 2012 before it changes into a federation, named Western Republic after another region members was joining federation.

On 17 March 2012 Republic Of Assyaid Darussalam a micronation which was located in Western Bobodolands join and the new republic called Bobodolands Federations are established, after that, on April 1, 2012 the Federations expand its territory by claims new territory in Rancaekek which was inhabited by Dacoenese ethnic group as overlands region.

2012 Referendum

On 17 April 2012 Bobodolands Federations held a referendum to determine the future of the nation, the referendum decision was taken because the structure of the organization of which is unclear and the desire to integrated with Indokistan and Inesia, with the referendum option was:

  1. Federation of will dissolved
  2. Major reforms on Federation
  3. Federations will become a kingdom, with it's capital will located in Dacoen
  4. Federations will joins the Principality of Inesia
  5. Federations will merged with Indokistan

In the first referendum option as much as 60% of the voters are vote for the fifth option that makes Barakstan Federation will joining Indokistan. Barakstan Federation was for a very short time become a region of Indokistan, but later, due of the unclear agreement between Indokistani government, Barakstan Federation are decides to leave and instead, conducting another referendum, and finally Bobodolands carry out a second referendum on April 22.

With the same options as the first referendum, 80% of the voters are hope for a new Bobodolands Federation government, finally Barakstan implement a major reforms. In fact, this referendum also being supervised by the Secretary-General of Indonesian Micronations Forum Organisation, Abdul Rassyid of Al Rasyid Darussalam.

Joining Indokistan again

After several months the Barakastan are running, the leader Tian Abdurrahman later decides that the Barakastan will joining Indokistan.[1] Despite of unclear reason of the unification, some peoples said that the problem inside the nations and inactivity are the reason why Tian Abdurrahman decides to joining Barakastan to Indokistan.

The discussion about the future of the Barakstan are still undergoing, and it was later decides to shrink the number of the provinces of Barakastan from 7 to only 2 provinces, the province of Barakstan. Indokistan and Barakstan also agree to give one of the province a special autonomy status.



Geography, Flora and Fauna

Geography of Barakstan was surrounded by low land and it is located on the banks of rivers and lakes, in Barakstan, the climate is tropical, and sub-tropical in overseas territories such as Altianai (Albania) and Zuhriddinstan (Uzbekistan). Animals that could be founded in Barakstan are chickens, ducks, rabbits, birds, fish, and others. And Guava, mango trees, coconut trees also can be founded in entire Barakstan.


The state income are came from 48.85% Industry, Agriculture 28.57%, 14.28% Trade Services. Income per capita reached U.S. $2539, and the currency accepted in Bobodolands Barakstan is Indonesian Rupiah, Rupee, and others.

Administrative regions

Barakstan are consists of five provinces, 4 municipal exclaves, and 7 overseas territories and 1 dependencies, the Manuk Island that located in Indian Ocean. This is the list of all administrative regions that divides Bobodolands Barakstan:

  1. Provinces

Foreign relations

Barakstan has start to pursuing diplomatic relations with other micronations since its establishment, Republic Of Indokistan are be the first micronation that recognizes Bobodolands Barakstan. Barakstan also has sent an official diplomatic letter to Aynvaul, Principality of Inesia, Republic of Lostisland, and others.