Bobodolands referendums, 2012

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First Bobodolands referendum, 2012
Which option do you prefer most?
Date17 April 2012
Join Indokistan
Other options
Source: Bobodolands government, 2012
Second Bobodolands referendum, 2012
Which option do you prefer most?
Date22 April 2012
Major reform of the Federation
Other options
Source: Bobodolands government, 2012

Two subsequent Bobodolands referendums on the future of the country was took place in April 2012. The referendum was motivated mostly by Bobodolands population desire for change, as development on the country increasingly stagnated.

The first referendum on 17 April 2012 saw union with Indokistan as the most voted option, yet failure on unification discussions with Indokistani government later resulting in Bobodolands government withdrawal from the talks. A second referendum took place merely a week after the first one saw the voters supports major reform instead. Bobodolands government later adhered to the result on the second referendum and held major reform.

Both referendums were supervised by the newly-formed Indonesian Micronations Forum, with the Secretary General Abdul Rasyid I personally oversaw the referendum conduct.


Bobodolands Federation was formed in 2 March 2012, after Tian Abdurrahman Republic and other micronations unified. The unification significantly expanded territories controlled by Tian Abdurrahman, as the country also received an influx of citizens from different nationalities and religions.

High expecation of new citizens on Bobodolands development was met with disappointment, as they perceived their new country began to be stagnated. Citizens began to contemplating changes, as multiple proposals on the future of Bobodolands were received by the government. Some of the proposals were to unify with more matured neighbours, such asthe Principality of Inesia or Republic of Indokistan.


Bobodolands authority provided five options that citizens could vote on the ballot paper. These options were used on the subsequent two referendums. These options were:

  1. Dissolution of the Federation;
  2. Major reform of the Federation
  3. Formation of Bobodolands Monarchy with Kota Dacoen as capital;
  4. Unification with the Principality of Inesia;
  5. Unification with the Republic of Indokistan.


First ballot

The first ballot was took place in 17 April 2012. The results shown that the fifth option, unification with Indokistan, received most support from the voters.

Second ballot

Bobodolands authority decided to held a second referendum with the same options as the first referendum. Result of the second referendum sees the second option, major reform on the federation, victorious. Just in matter of a week, citizens support to unify with Indokistan significantly waned, as they became more optimistic that Bobodolands could survive the transition promised by the authority.


Bobodolands citizens sudden preference change were shocking, especially for those among Bobodolands and Indokistani government that expected to see their union received voters consent for the second time.

Bobodolands government decided to abandon union with Indokistan altogether as they decided to adhere with the second referendum result. Major reforms then took place in Bobodolands, those includes simplification in government institutions and administrative divisions.

Despite on rejection of union with Indokistan, Bobodolands government later decided to unify with Indokistan in May 2012, before separating again, and reunified again in September 2012.