Culture of Arkapura

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Arkapore citizens are known to be very proud of their culture by maintaining their Sundanese cultural aspects. Arkapore is a micronation with a majority population identify themselves as Sunda. Culture in Arkapore are influenced heavily by Sundanese and Islamic Culture.

Sunni Islam is practised in Arkapore, and traditional Islam influenced Arkapore culture. Several type of Islamic implementation can be found there, which is including the conservative, moderate, and traditional kind of implementation.


Dangdut, Sundanese Pop, Campur Sari, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Kpop and Rn'B is the most popular music genre in Arkapore and often played in homes in Arkapore. Arkapore government currently begin to restricting citizens to listen to Kpop music and foreign songs, to promote and encourage citizens to listens to traditional and local music instead.

Traditional practices

There are some traditions followed by Arkapore citizens, which including the practice of Ngadegen, a practice done if the roof of a house begin to be installed in the construction, and Nyalametkeun Safar, a practice of mass prayer done by families which have their member born in Safar month of Hijra calendar. Wedding customs and celebration events is commonly practiced by alll citizens of Arkapore.


Government of Arkapore often promote the tourism and national pride by held govenrment-sponsored events, including a tourism week, and Star Arkapore

Arkapore Tourism Week

Arkapore Tourism Week held once a year, in the form of competition between Regencies in Arkapore, The competition is held photography, advertising, food, etc. Tourism week in 2014 has been planned by government and the preparation are in progress.