Saint Justin Autonomy Regency

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Autonomy Municipality of Saint Justin
Saint Justin
—  Municipality of Arkapura  —

Nickname(s): Saint Justin City
Municipality Bbd.jpg Arkapura
Established 6 january 2014
 - Mayor Justin Ouedgraodo
 - Total 1
Demonym Saint Justiner

Sanit Justin is Arkaporean Smallest Municipality, Saint Justin is an autonomous region of The Royal City of Arkapore located in Burkina Faso. In contrast to other Municipalities in Arkapura, Saint Justin is the only Municipality that is predominantly Catholic.


Saint Justin was formerly known as the Northwest Territory during the Federation of Western Bobodolands, then the area became part of Barakstan when it became part of the Indokistan. Now the city became part of Barakstan with status as a special autonomous region.


Saitnt Justin population numbered only 1 active population. Religions practiced in Saint Justin was Rome Catholic. Although the majority religion a resident of Saint Justin is Catholic but is open to Muslim Barakstan, so the city dubbed the city a sense of harmonious inter-religious tolerance in Saint Justin is very high. Residents in the Saint Justin famous was very friendly.


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