Islamiyyah Dunjakistan

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Islamiyyah Dunjakistan
دۇنجەكىستان ئىسلام جۇمھۇرىيىتى
Flag of Example--> Flag of Dunjakistan
Motto: لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱللَّٰه، مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُوْلُ ٱللَّٰه
Map of Dunjakistan with territories labeled
Official languagesFulfulde, Dunjaki Language, Hausa and English
Recognised national languagesFulfulde, Hausa and English
Ethnic groups
61% Dunjak

30% Fula
9% Hausa
90% Islam
9% Christianity
1% Hinduism
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Emir
Abubakar Ibrahim I
• Vizier
LegislatureMa'aikatan shari'a na Dunjak
from  Nigeria,  Australia and  Guinea
• Independence
March 16 2024
• Joined the OIM
March 20 2024
• Water (%)
• 2024 estimate
• 2024 census
very high
CurrencyDunjak Ujar
Time zoneUTC-2 (XST)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy

Islamiyyah Dunjakistan, (Dunjaki: دۇنجەكىستان ئىسلام جۇمھۇرىيىتى) more commonly known as Dunjakistan, is a micronation in Australia, Nigeria and Guinea, Dunjakistan is a small micronation in South Australia, Sokoto and Mamou region, it got independence from Australia and won a battle for independence against the bigger micronation Cuisiniere on March 16th, Dunjakistan has five cities Alleria and Majeed with Alleria being the largest.


On march 16th at 7:00pm after declaring his country and being annexed by the local micronation, Bakar and his Army took up arms in their capital Alleria, at 7:05 the battle started and both sides shot their nerf blasters rapidly however soon the Dunjak army was ahead by shooting two Cuisiniere soldiers in the chest before firing on another Cuisiniere soldier killing them, the Cusiniere who were now the outnumbered starting with 6 soldiers now having only 3 they had to lock in. rapid fire killed 2 Dunjak soldiers but this fuel the Dunjaks to fire back killing the battalion leader of the Cuisiniere Shakuri I with a shot to the chest, 3 seconds later the last Cuisiniere was shot and killed, Dunjakistan was now independent.

Establishment of the Dunjak Emirate

The Dunjak Emirate was a Emirate located in Australia. the emirate was established on march 15th 2023 during the small skirmishes of east cuisiniere. the emirate was short lived because of the Cuisiniere battalion quickly growing in the area, the Emirate dissolved during the conflict.

Dunjakistan Civil Conflict

on the night of March 16th both groups met up in the proclaimed capital Alleria both groups agreed on the conflict and the fighting began, little bit into the fight a Soldier from the Cuisiniere battalion was shot in the upper stomach and died. soon another soldier from the Cuisiniere army was shot in the arm and died shortly later. another was shot in the back while reloading.

The Cuisiniere who were now outnumbered had to lock in, a soldier from the Cuisiniere army shot and killed a Dunjak soldier in the chest while he was retrieving a nerf bullet. soon another soldier from the Dunjak side was killed. but another soldier shot the soldier in the chest as retaliation for killing his soldier.

The battle ended for a short 30 minute period where both groups were regathering nerf darts. at 8:50 the next round of shooting shooting began with a Soldier the dunjaks began to shoot the remaining 2 soldiers he began by shooting by shooting the leader of the Cuisinierien battalion. in the kidney with his nerf blaster. before shooting a nerf dart into the hand of the remaining soldier. the war ended and Dunjakistan was Declared a country.

North Dunjak Conflict (2024-present)

On March 17th a violent conflict erupted in northern Dunjakistan between the Dunjak battalion and the Cuiniere Forces, the conflict started during and ambush in the east of the country before moving north, 5 have been injured in the conflict. currently the Dunjak Emir is attempting to end this conflict before anyone gets killed this attempt seems too make little impact due to the violence of the ongoing conflicts.

Rebellion Era (2024-present)

The rebellion era is an important part of Dunjak history, The rebellion era officially started on May 9th of 2024 at the start of the Dunjak Rebellion, The Dunjak rebellion was a starting point of the Rebellion era of when Dunjak Emir and the Dunjak Armed Forces rebelled against the Barazkian separatists, many battles occurred in the rebellion Era. During this time period a micronation known as Wynnland would sever ties with Dunjakistan due to the rebellion, Abubakar Ibrahim I Acknowledged that to defeat Barazkia, loses would have to occur, Dunjakistan began creating forts all across Qizran forest which the main area of battles for the Rebellion, The Dunjaks were dominating in the rebellion, by attacking Barazkian forts and ambushing Barazkian rebels.

Rise of Fulani Nationalism

Mainly in Dunjak-Nigerian territories mainly in Sokoto and Kano, a rise of Fulani Nationalism or Pan-Fulani ideologies have rose in popularity due to Abubakar Ibrahim I rule, Abubakar Ibrahim created a split off party for the Dunjak National Islamic Party called the Pan-Fulani Movement Of Dunjakistan, The group's goal is to reach unity and solidarity between all Fulani people, especially in Dunjak territories.

Foreign relations

Dunjakistan is open to any micronational relations, Especially from islamic micronations from near by states, Dunjakistan became a member of the Organization of Islamic Micronations. on March 20th 2024.

Diplomatic relations

Former relations


Recognition refused

Administrative regions

Flag Name Area Population Officials
Alleria District 15m 5 Abubakar Ibrahim I
Badir 127m 5 Abubakar Ibrahim I
Bakaria Strip 50m 10 Abubakar Ibrahim I
Dunjak Sokoto 1km 54 Abubakar Ibrahim I
Majeed 23m 5 Abubakar Ibrahim I

Satellite states

Dunjak Satellite states also known as DSS, are states that are relatively under Dunjak government under Abubakar Ibrahim I Administration, 3 states are considered Dunjak Satellite states these being Fulara, Kamu and Farazu Island.

Satellite states of Dunjakistan were originally used for the Dunjak Military during the Dunjak-Barazkian Conflict, The Dunjak military would use Fulara as a checkpoint for resources and due to the island being off the Coast of Guinea, The Barazkians had no way of getting to Fulara.

Flag Name Area Population Year Established
Islamic Emirate of Fulara 500m 25 2024
Farazu 102m 4 2024
Kamu Island 228m 3 2024

Dunjak Overseas territories

  • Zamanu Island

Geography and climate

The weather in Dunjakistan is warm most of the year however in December it can get cold. dunjakistan's terrain is mostly smooth but rigid in northern areas. the soil in Dunjakistan is ideal for farming and planting hence why there is many farmers in the state.


Dunjak culture is a mix of Fula, Hausa, Islamic, East african and Arab culture, The food comes from mixes of Nigerian and Senegalese foods, The Dunjaks celebrate Ramadan, Eid and some Dunjak Fula take part in cattle herding. Many Dunjaks wear Islamic attire with mixes of west african attire, such as Senegalese kaftan and Hula Caps.


Dunjakistan is ruled by an Absolute Monarchy and Emir, Emir Abubakar Ibrahim I is the traditional leader of Dunjakistan and is also a religious leader in the country. Sometimes in smaller regions elections take place but are very rare.


The Dunjak military is very small with the 20 people in the land being in the battalion, the army is strong despite low quality weapons and vehicles, the Dunjak army use toy m4a1 type rifles that fire small projectiles and have one armoured vehicle. despite this the Dunjaks have never lost a war and remain undefeated in any skirmishes, the Dunjak military are not funded and use their own money for their arsenals.


The economy of Dunjakistan is based off of sugar and nerf blaster imports and exports. the economy is stable to say the least, in the future Dunjakistan is said to have one of the best economies of the Australian Micronations. The Dunjaks use the Dunjak Ujar as their currency, The Ujar is held and created in the Bank of Dunjakistan. they also export Chili peppers, mangoes and watermelon to local people.

Five Ujar
Ten Ujar


In Dunjakistan the passport will be issued by the Minister of Foreign affairs, The passport must be used properly or will be revoked from the user's possession.

An Example Passport.


Dunjak farmers from the north grow peppers and tomatoes which contribute to the production of peppers in the country which is a delicacy among Dunjaks who make Chili Koh Jashed which is a chicken dish containing peppers and rice. other things grown in Dunjakistan are Watermelons, rockmelon, mangoes, bananas and dragonfruit.

Ethnic groups

The main ethnic group in Dunjakistan is the Dunjak people, The second largest ethnic group are the Fula People, other dunjaks are of Indonesian, Australian, Portuguese and Afghan ancestries.


Islam is the dominant religion of Dunjakistan with the laws of Dunjakistan being the Sharia laws, Islamic traditions are heavily observed in Dunjakistan especially Ramadan and Eid. there is a small minority of Hindu's in Dunjakistan, The President of the District of Badir, General Sardine follows the Hindu religion.