Soyuzist Republic

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Soyuzist Republic(ⵊⴰⵎⵀⵓⵔⵉⴰ ⵙoⵢⵓⵣ)
Coat of arms
Motto: Discuss and prosper
The Anthem of Soyuzists

and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Riffian Berber
Islam(~99%), Christianity(<1%)
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary republic
• Prime Minister
Hicham Soyuz
• Speaker of the Council
LegislatureSoyuzist Council
• Established
30 April 2020
• Established
• Total
0.15 km2 (0.058 sq mi)
• 2021 census
30 Local Citizens, 65 Global Citizens (85 total)
CurrencyMoroccan Dirham (MAD (DH))
Time zone(UTG+1)

The Soyuzist Republic, also known as the Soyuzist Republic of Azameen officially, is a self declared country ,[a] also referred to as a micronation by external observers. It works on the basic principles of Soyuzism. The nation was established on 30 April 2020, by the founder and current Prime Minister Hicham Soyuz.

The Soyuzist Republic claims to hold a small patch of land situated in Monte Gurugu, where they plan on building their first settlement. Not only do the nation plan on building a small camp settlement, the Soyuzists plan on offering humanitarian aid on getting the immigrants of Monte Gurugu assimilated in Morocco, and also to give the locals facilities of jobs in their currently growing agricultural sector. The main goal of the Soyuzist Republic of Azameen is to unite the local leaders of all villages and mountainous districts into a single confederational council. Through this centralized government the Soyuzist government is planning on establishing a better security net, public works system, healthcare, local economy, and business oppurtunity.

Government and Politics

The Soyuzist Republic is an unitary Parliamentary republic with the Prime minister serving as both the head of state and head of government, thereby leading the executive power of the government. The Prime Minister is also a member of the legislature, which is called the Soyuzist Council. The current Prime Minister is Hicham Soyuz, who is also popularly known as Soyuz. The first ellection was held on the 17th of October 2020 with the Juchesist garnering 3 votes and the Soyuzists garnering ten. The Soyuzist received around 80% of the votes giving it 4 seats and the Jucheists receiving around 20% giving it one seat. Council Discussion is set to commence this week or next week.

The army of the Soyuzist Republic is called the SAF which stands for Soyuzist Armed Forces. The amount of people and their identities will remain private under the protection of the YPM administration of the Soyuzist Republic, which is basically the secret service of the Republic. The military has an anthem which got recently released online. The name of the anthem is "Soyuzia Uya!" which translates from the Tarifit Berber language to "Soyuzists March!" Soyuzia Uya The main goal of the SAF is to preserve and protect the land from wild animals and to act as a form of law enforcement in the area.

Soyuzist Council

The Soyuzist Council is the unicameral legislature of the Soyuzist Republic. It comprises of 5 seats who which members are elected during the elections. The Speaker of the Council is the head and governing authority of the council, and is responsible for maintaining the businesses of the house and conduct sessions. The current speaker of the council is Mr. Walter.

The council is responsible for passing bills, laws and various other judgements. The list of bills and votes are listed here:

January 26: Bill proposal on which one of the following should be considered High Priority under the investment of the Soyuzist Republic, the two which were to be voted on were water and electricity. Water won by a 4/2 vote.

March 15: Bill proposal on wether to remove the French language as an official educatorial language in the Soyuzist Republic, to improve the value of the Tarifit language. The bill passed with 4/1 votes. on october 31st 2021,

October 31(2021): the official 2nd election voting results were publicly accepted and put into work, making the Jucheist party lose its only seat in council.

Political parties

The republic was basically a One-party state from its establishment with the Soyuzist Party being the only registered party, until the Jucheist Party was established.

Party Logo Party Leader Ideology(s) System Parliament
Soyuzist Party
(Dutch:Parij voor de Economie)
Hicham Soyuz
Prime Minister
5 / 5
Soyuzist Jucheist party
0 / 5
Independant Political Politicians
0 / 5


The Soyuzist Republic holds the Moroccan Dirhim as a form of valid currency within its Moroccan territory, together with its own food vouchers but they also except the Euro in certain sub sections of the nation, within Europe. Currently the Soyuzist Republic only uses these currencies.

The Soyuzist Republic has discussed plans of developing a Worth-Backed Currency called the "Soyuz Riffain", which would be backed by the worth of a single round loaf of Moroccan Bread. each round moroccan loaf of bread is worth 1 Soyuz Riffain.

The way the currency works is via a food bank. one would enter the food bank and exchange their bread for Soyuz Riffains and vice versa. Shop owners could then charge a certain amount of Soyuz Riffains for their products making it a loop of worth backed currency.

one of the deisgns of the future currency of the Soyuzist Republic
Another proposed design.

The economic system of Soyuzism runs under the Taxation methode of Soyuzism Taxing Non-Soyuzist-style companies with an extra 5% on their income.

The SR main exporters are Melilla, Adra and the City of Nador.

Currently the largest Sector in the SR is the computer science and technology branch, However, this will change within a few months since the SR has decided that it will proportion up to 80% of its land to the Agricultural Sector, growing

-Cactus fruit




Money is also going to developements in animal breeding, animal herding, and harvesting resources from said animals(such as milk, meat, and wool).

The soyuzist republic is planning on processing the milk into cheese and dairy products in the future, to then export into the big cities.


The Soyuzist Republic houses a small village known as Adra, which is a small majority berber village housing about 20 to 30 individuals.

Due to the colonialism many people established mountainous villages away from spanish or french influence.

in the village of Adra it would be a common sight however to see supposedly Muslim women of Old age having a blue tattoo on their forhead. even though forbidden in Islam, these tattoos came from the former religions and customs they had before more intriquite knowledge of Islamic customs could reach.

the area itself Is majority Muslim following the Dominant Sects of Sufi and Sunni Islam.

The housing Architecture isnt one of designchoices but rather one of DesignMusts. These houses are made out of cheap brick and stone in a basic Rectangular shape. this is so that the costs are as low and possible while still having enough space for citizens to be housed.

The most Spoken language in the Area would be Riffain amazigh, a moroccan dialect of the original Berber language.

The small broken down village below is the mainland of the Soyuzist Republic.

So far whats known about the village is that it used to be a place housing a few families of berber decent who were born on the mountain.

The current plan however is to reestablish it and build farmland, housing, and other sorts of basic needs.

Both of these villages range to be about 1 to 2 centuries old each. Being under rule of the Allouite Dynasty for most of their existance until 1921 caused the Riffain revolt against the spanish under Abd El Karim. for 5 years then on they lifed under the predesessor of the Soyuzist Republic known as the Rif Republic. Until 1926 when Spain invade the Rif and recolonized the area.From 1956 up until recently in 2020 the districts of the mountain loosely governed themselves. They had their own judges(Caïds) and those who run the villages. Eventually change occured. when The Soyuzist Government established the territory as their own under a village union, to be signed in the later months of 2022. The goal is to unite the districts under a single councilour republic.

Foreign Relations

The Soyuzist Republic has established and maintains diplomatic relations with many other nations from all over the world. The nation has signed treaty of mutual recognition and established bilateral relations with the following nations:

The Soyuzist Republic has also recently been accepted as a member of the Cupertino Alliance. The Soyuzist Republic also remains an observer state of the GUM and is a member of the Organization of Islamic Micronations

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  1. The Soyuzist Republic is referred to as a sovereign nation under international law.