Ugori Islamic People's Emirate

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Ugori Islamic People's Emirate or shortly, Ugori is an imaginary non-separatistic micronation fully located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brčko District in Ugorian micronational world that was made to save and praise Bosniak, Islamic and Oriental culture.

Islamic Federation of Ugori is micronational federation of imaginary micronations in village Brka and city of Brčko. UIPE is governing emirate of this federation.

Islamic Federation of Ugori
Islamska Federacija Ugori
Coat of arms of
Coat of arms
Map of the Ugori Federation
Map of the Ugori Federation
Ugori Islamic People's Emirate
Ugorski Islamski Narodni Emirat
Flag of Ugori Islamic People's Emirate
Coat of arms of Ugori Islamic People's Emirate
Coat of arms
Motto: There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger
  • Allahu Akbar! (Emirate)
  • Sabljo mojih pradjedova (Federation)
Map of Ugori Islamic People's Emirate
Map of Ugori Islamic People's Emirate
CapitalUgori Centar
Largest cityBrod
Official languages written in "bosančica" and latin
Recognised national languages
GovernmentFederalistic Islamic Theocracy
• Emir/Padishah
Elnur Pamukčić (UPIP)
LegislatureGreat Islamic Consul of Ugori Federation
EstablishmentMarch 6th 2022
• Total
0.0209 km2 (0.0081 sq mi)
• Census
180 (Federation) 2 (Emirate)
Time zoneUTC+1 (+2) (Central European (summer) time)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy (AD and AH)
Driving sideright
Calling code+387
Internet (proposed)


The name Ugori is an old name for areas in the village of Brka and there are two theories about its origin:

1.) Ugori can be a compound of the conjunction "u" and the noun "gora" which in the Bosnian language is adapted to the case (Bos. U gori=Ugori, Eng. In hill=Inhills). This theory is supported by the fact that, unlike the village of Brka, the Ugori lie on high elevation.

2.) When Muslims were expelled from Serbia (1835-1875), those from Užice came to Posavina, where the Ugori are, and they burned the forests that grew there in order to create suitable soil ("to burn" in Bosnian is "zgarati" or "goriti" which could evolve in Ugori).


Although it has existed for a very short time, Ugorian history begins when Muslims were expelled from Užice in Serbia because the Ottoman Empire withdrew from the Balkan Peninsula. And that is considered third ethnic and religious cleansing by Christians of Bosniaks, Albanians and Turks from Serbia.

Map of replacment of 5 milion of muslims and 1.9 milions of christians in Ottoman Empire
Map of Ugori and other villages and places in time of early Austro-Hungarian ocupation (1884)

History important for todays Ugorian micronational world begins before its foundation.

Ancient Ugorian City (2015-2019)

The cottage in Ugori, which is also the headquarters of all Ugorian operations, was renovated in 2014/15. Then, Pamukčić family actively started coming there. That's when this city was created. It was located in the province of Pamukčić Ugori under an apple tree in the central part of the province. This is where padishah used to "dig" for bones when he was interested in dinosaurs and paleontology. When he got tired of it, there was still a hole from digging. One summer, padiahah's brother and Padishah filled that hole with water and submerged it and played with toy cars. They also played with dinosaurs and green soldiers. That was the period before the corona virus and a little during it. Before the coronavirus, father of padishah buried the hole that was there with mud and leveled the "city" with the rest of the surface.

Map of Ugorian ancient microcity with info in Bosnian

Elnuronia (one day in January 2022)

During January 2022, I watched a video about Liberland and decided to look up "no man's land" in my atlas. Back then, Padishah didn't know about the concept of micronations. HE did some searching in the atlas, and as it was old it showed the neutral zone between Iraq and Saudi Arabia as still existing, which of course did not exist. Padishah took a piece of paper, traced the map, and named that part of the country Elnuronia. At that time also flag and a coat of arms were made. Thank God this never came to life and Elnuronia was forgottsn until we found the "famous" paper in 2023. This is certainly an interesting part of Ugorian history.

Flag of Elnuronia
Coat of arms of Elnuronia

United Ugorian Emirates (6.3.2022-29.5.2022)

This is the period in which the beginning of the Ugorian micronational world took place. Ajdinland was founded on January 5, 2022, and when the president wrote the constitution, they were at school. This was around the time of the founding of this first Ugorian state. Ugori was founded on March 6, 2022, when the document "Ugorian Heraldry" was drawn up, which consisted of a map of the first emirate, the coat of arms of the state and the coat of arms of other territories. Two days later on March 8, 2022, the first "Ugoran mark" coin was made. In physical form, we only have the one of 10 stamps saved, but we have both the one of 10 and the one of 20 stamps saved in electronic form. This is from the work of the first Ugorian state. Also, at this time I was not aware of how big and amazing the micronational world is on microwiki.

Emblem of United Ugori Emirates

Autonomous Republic of Ugori (29.5.2022-7.7.2022)

In this short period, only the name, flag, coat of arms and coin were changed. A little more nationalist symbols were put on the coat of arms and the flag, and the money was lost. This territory was spread over a similar territory as the first state.

Flag of AR Ugori

Ugori Jamahiriya (7.7.2022-26.11.2023)

This is the longest period in Ugorian history. In the starting period of this era we were working on settling internal issues. Then we elected today's flag and emblem. In this period the Ugorian war for independence ended...

First flag of Ugorian Jamahiriya

Ugorian war for independence (6.3.2022-17.9.2022)

At the place on which Pamukčić Ugori are situated, even in 2016 there were improvised army-like clashes. This war which de jure started on the Independence day of Ugori and de facto started on 16.9.2022 and fought only at the last day of war. On the last day of the war, the army operation "Ugorian eagle" took place and thanks to that operation we won the war. Three persons, including emir, signed the peace treaty.

...After the war for independece, a little bit of time went by and then we made the Ugorian Union and making other micronations in the Ugorian micronational world was intense...

Ugorian Jamahiriya in the Ugorian Union (9.10.2022-12.2.2023)

This period is a period of intense researching about other micronations. In this period I made neighboring micronations.

  • 9.10.2022 is the date of establishing Ugorian Union.
  • 21.11.2022- Establishment of Jagodonija, Gornja Brka and Mugorija. In Ugori the ruling party was the People's National Front. In that time president of Mulabegović Ugori died.
  • On 26th november 2022, Ugori and Ajdinland established their personal union-like territory in Tuzla.
  • 1.12.2022- Separatists that didn't want a strong Union between micronations in Ugorian micronational world began real army actions. Because of them being on the territory of Gornja Brka, it was forced to dissolve. It became a part of a pro-Ugorian micronation (Hunting's Kingdom) and a small separatist controlled territory...

Great separatist war (5.12.2022-30.1.2023)

The Ugori war started de jure on 29 October 2022, and de facto on 5 December 2022, when it was officially announced to the separatists. To make it easier to understand the events of this war, they will be arranged chronologically.

  • 9/10/2022 - establishment of the Ugori Union with its first 4 members.
Map of the Ugori Union in 2022
  • 9.10.2022-20.11.2022 - The opposition in the Ugori Union (local Serbs and Bosniaks of the Brčko District) declared territory on the territory of the Hunting Kingdom and started minor militant operations on calming the tensions between the two opposing sides.
  • 28.11.2022 - militant operations started on the territory of Eastern Ugori.
Srndaći division of the Ugori army
  • 1.12.2022 - The plan for peace was presented, according to which the division of Jagodonia and the Hunting Kingdom was attempted.
  • 2.12.2022 - The Elnur-Sead plan was rejected by the opposition in Eastern Ugori.
  • 3.12.2022 - the "divided November" operation was started, which was supposed to liberate the territories occupied by the separatist army of the Eastern Ugori.
  • 5.12.2022 - War officially declared on the Ugori separatists. War was declared by the Ugori Union and the Republic of Ajdinland.

APW crisis

The APW crisis was one-day crisis in the micronational organization APW on 5 December 2022. It was started because of a dispute between Ajdinland and Ugori regarding the government in the organization. Ajdinland advocated that the parties that enter the organization must be obligated to stay permamently while Ugori opposed that. The situation calmed down on the same day with both parties signing the treaty.

Ugori army
  • 8.12.2022-16.12.2022 - war events on the territory of eastern and north-eastern Ugori.
  • 16.12.2022 - agreed ceasefire until 2023 (6.1.2023). The Ugori Supreme Headquarters issued an order on demobilization for a short period of time.
  • 10.12.2022-11.12.2022 - Čađavac enters the Ugori Union as well as Snagovska Republika Ugori (because Padishah is a big snagophil) Southern Ugori (now part of the Ugori Family Association) and the Ugori Family Association.
  • 12.12.2022 - violation of the ceasefire agreement. The Ugori army, which was unprepared, could not defend the territories that the East Ugori separatists tried to conquer.
  • 20.12.2022-21.12.2022 - serious penetration of separatists into the Ugori territories.
  • 22.12.2022 - The Ugori Army is mobilizing again, and the separatist army is trying to conquer as much territory as possible.
  • 29.12.2022 - Ugori Separatists founded the West Ugori - Upper Pobrkli Republic. Mugoria became part of the territory of the Ugori Jamahiriya.
  • 30.12.2022-30.1.2023 - The Ugori Army carries out quality operations on its territory and almost completely expells the separatists who, after signing the peace on 30.1.2023, received only a small protectorate in the Hunting Kingdom.
  • 30.1.2023 - Signed peace between the separatists and Ugori Jamahiriya and its allies.
  • 12.2.2023 - Ugori Union became a Federation.

...After this war, Ajdinland because of a dispute (alleged Islamophobic comment), declared war on Oskonia. That would later be seen as incorrect and that war will go in another way which will also spread to Ugori because of a weak peace treaty signed on 30.1.2023. Because of the weakness of the Union, the politics of Ugori will take a turn.

Ugorian Jamahiriya in Ugorian Federal Jamahiriya-Federation (12.2.2023-26.11.2023)

12.2.2023.- Declaration about Federal unity of at-that-time Union. With all of the Ugorian Union, North Ugori and Brod also entered the Federation. During this period we were working on the Ugorian heraldry book. At this time, Ajdinland was still de jure in war with Oskonia. Between 15th and 16th of May 2023, communist separatists began to organise. On 16 May, Ugorian army cabinet made the Ugorian army declaration in which the Ugorian army was organised and put in a state of readiness. From 16th May separatists began to organise their territories in the Ugorian micronational world. The People's Brijesnica Republic was established in Ajdinland. In Ugori we could first see the United Ugorian uprising with provinces of Mulabegović's, Veligorje, Bećin Čađavac and territories in Tuzla that were controlled by ancom bandits. When this Union got autonomy on 29th May, the established Union of Free Provinces got in a union with the People's Brijesnica Republic and established the Socialist Brijesnica-Ugorian Republic.

Ajdinlandian-Federal war against communists (in Ajdinland 27.1.2023.-25.2.2024) and (in Ugori 31.5.2023-25.2.2024)

Ajdinlandian-Federal war against communists
Date 31.5.2023-23.8.2023

(In Ugori)

Location Brka, Tuzla, Brijesnica Velika
Results (in Ugori) Ajdinlandian treaty
  • Ceasfire with SBUR
  • Peace with Veligorje
  • Peace with Bećin Čađavac
  • Dissolving of USR Čađavac

Socialist Brijesnica-Ugori Republic

Golubovi (Doves) Brigade

Ugorski orlovi (Ugorian eagles) Brigade


Hasan Duk Kraj

Federation of Ugori (Ugori Jamahiriya mainly)

Republic of Ajdinland


Tuzla Anarcho-communists

Local Serbs


Elnur Pamukčić

Ajdin Sejdinović

? 20
Casualties and losses
0 0

31.5.2023- The Ugorian Federation joined Ajdinland in the war against SB-UR.

31.5.-7.7.2023- A peaceful situation in the Ugorian war territories.

7.7.2023-Operation "Fall of black eagle" began to operate in occupied territories. The operation firstly began in the free province of Mugorija and then the army ran the SBUR militants back to river and then to the bridge from which our army went into the eastern part of Mugorija where they set control of the main road. Mugorija was freed on 20th July 2023. The remaining part of the Ugorian army got in the main part of the "Srndaći" brigade from which they began the second part of the operation and that is sieging the center of the SBUR cabinet in Ugori. The siege started on 7th July, was intensed on 20th July, and was dissolved on 23rd of August 2023.

On 12.7.2023, the grandfather of today's emir died. He was president of then Ugorian Republic of 4.July. When he died, the will for going into war was on bare minimum.

23.8.2023.- The Ajdinladnian Treaty was concluded in which Ajdinland and Ugori signed a ceasefire with SB-UR and Ajdinland declared war on Hasan's Duk Kraj. In this treaty, Ugori signed ceasefire with the Ugorian SBUR, and signed total peace with Veligorje and Bećin Čađavac. Soon the Ugorian's Čađavac province will be dissolved and reintegrated into Bosnia and Herzegovina. From then, Ugori do not conclude any army help or actions in this war. Ajdinland remained in the war.

7.9.2023.- On this day, Ugori set a plan for peace in which we proposed the new map which will be put in action at the day of signing general peace treaty of this war.

25.2.2024- War officialy ended in Ajdinland with the operation "Boulder".

Islamic reforms in Federation and esthablishment of Emirates (11.10.2023-26.11.2023)

This is period in which Ugori were still a Jamahiriya and the Federation was still a Federal Jamahiriya but was going through Islamic reforms. This period started on 11.10. when the "Great Islamic Council of Ugorian Federation" was founded to unify the Federation on an Islamic basis which were present from the first Ugorian country. In this period Ugori wanted to set diplomatic contacts and relations with the Qardasha and Qarsherkiy but couldn't get any further then an answer to one email sent to the Qardasha officials. After all, that turned like good thing considering their shia-like cursing of sahaba.

On 10.11.2023., the Ugorian religion declaration was published in which shariah (islamic theocracy) was set as the official political spectrum, and Christians can be and organise in the Ugorian Orthodox Church whose mitropolit is the Montenegrian mitropolit Mihailo.

26.11.2023- Decalaration of the Islamic Federation of Ugori marked the end of the Islamic reformations in Federation.

Islamic People's Emirate of Ugori in Islamic Ugorian Federation (26.11.2023-)

In this period the Ugorian Federation was reestablished and Ajdinland and Ugori entered the "World Organization of Micronations" on 18.1.2024. On 25th of January of 2024, Slawenland got it's territory in the Ugorian Federation named the Ugorian Pashaluk of Slavengori. This is considered the first big diplomatic step in the Ugorian micronational world. On 28th of January of 2024 our (Ajdinland and Ugori) friend reestablished his micronation which is now named the United Consul States and the Ugorian Islamic Federation in action of giving territories in Federation to fellow micronationalists gave this micronation territory on 11th February of 2024 which is named the Ugorian Consular Emirate of Plana Collis.

Ugori-Slawenland treaty

17.2.2024-Changes in the Islamic Federation of Ugori were made in which a new map was made and it became the new official map.

23.4.2024-Ugori has entered Organization of Islamic Micronations.

Politics and government

The proposal for laws in the UIPE (Ugori Islamic People's Emirate) are the Qur'an and the Sunnah, but due to the non-recognition of the UIPE, we must respect the laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ugorian law book (bos.Ugorski zakonik)

Ugorian proposal law is represented in book called "Ugorski zakonik" in which are represented islamic sharia rules as told by mainly bosniak shaykhs as: Safet Kuduzović, Elvedin Pezić, Zijad Ljakić, Harmin Suljić and others. In some things Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina has rulings but we do not support them 100% because of sufi and shia influenced persons and teachings.

Ugorian shaykhs

Ugorian Orthodox Church (bos.Ugorska Pravoslavna Crkva)

There is also Christian minority which is allowed to follow Ugorian Orthodox Church which mitropolit is Montenegrian mitropolit Mihailo. It is supported by Federation because mitropolit Mihailo said:"We cannot divide God into Islamic, Orthodox, Catholic or Protestant. Allah is one and we all pray to Him, and the fact that we have other differences does not bother anyone. Isn't Muhammad a prophet? He is, and no one can dispute that."

Ugorian Orthodox Cross
Ugorian Orthodox Church
Ugorska Pravoslavna Crkva Угорска Пправославна Црквса
AbbreviationUOC (in English)
УПЦ (in Serbian)
UPC (in Bosnian)
TypeEastern Christianity with signs of Oriental orthodoxy
ClassificationEastern Orthodox
ScriptureOld Testament New Testament
TheologyEastern Orthodox theology
MitropolitMontenegrin Mitropolit Mihailo
Distinct fellowshipsSerbian Orthodox Church
Montenegrin Orthodox Church
Old Church Slavonic
Origin700-800 AD
Byzantine Empire
Branched fromSerbian Orthodox Church
Members~10 (claimed)
Ugorian Orthodox Church flag

Other members of ahlul kitab (christian and jews) can follow their teachings in peace.

Religions that can't be practiced in Federation and those who promote them according to law need to be punished are: satanism, all variants of polytheism, all variants of dualism (Zoroastrism, Bogumili and other dualistic paths), numerology and astrology. There are also some islamic sects that are illegal in Federation such as: Ismailis, Bektashi and other sufis, Rafidis (Shiism), Muatezil teachings, Alevism, Hashashinism,...

Ideology Ugorism (bos.Ugorizam)

This is ideology one hundred percent based on islam. But aside of this it is a construct of other political ideologies.

Ideological wheel of Islamic Federation of Ugori

1.Kur'an and sunnah

- According to islamic tradition this is the supreme law and should be applied to all subjects in life. It was fully used in islamic golden age.

2.National tolerancy

- We, the Ugorian Federal goverment tolerate all nationalities. We do not support or tolerate aggresive, pagan, polytheist, canibal cultures and nationalities. But we will and we do tolerate Serbian, Croatian and other slavic, germanic and oriental cultures.

3.Bosniak idea (Bosniak patriotism, Bosniak autonomy)

- This is idea of Bosnian (Bosniak) countryhood and autonomy which was in world war two in work of Hadžiefednić Legion, Muslimanska milicija, work of Jugoslav Muslim Organization and work of Ottoman anti sufi shayks and organizations like Tarikatu Muhamedije Kadizadelije.

4.Anti Iluminati (Anti Masonry, Anti Satanism, Anti Furrism)

- This part of Ugorism is part in which we fight against ideologies that was produced to destroy our unity. I am learning about this ideologies for about for years. I was always fan of theories of conspiracies and that give me the knowledge about Dajjali ideologies, Rockfellers, Rotschilds, war crimes of NATO and so on.

Ugorian anti new world order propaganda poster

This poster is making fun with political situation in city of Tuzla. It was made in summer of 2023.

5.Ecology (Islamic Ecology)

- Ecology in Ugori means protecting all nature that Allah dž.š. gives us. It was possible to notice ecofascism in the Ugrian people over time because the Ugrian people were always oriented towards ecology. This situation can be viewed from an emotional and factual scale, but academically, we must use the full, factual scale. Ugori have never fully agreed with eco-fascism because of their ideology which implies hatred and violence towards migrants. What we agree on is the protection of green areas and not in a liberal way as many environmental organizations do, but standing up and taking action. One such action took place at the beginning of 2024 in Ugori, when green forest areas were cleared.

Ugorian ecological action january 2024

6.Anti communism (Anti Leftism, Anti Socialis, Anti Progresivism)

- Anti communism in Ugori is ideology that fight against nihillist communism and their ideology. It also looks up to Afghani anti communism.

7.Decelarationsm (technological decelarationism)

- This means that Ugori goverment supports modest living. The Messenger of Allah (SAW) passed by a man who was censuring his brother about modesty. He said: "Let him be, for modesty is part of faith." This ideology also shows big respect to agrarian sector in government structures.

8.Patriotism (Ugorian patriotism, Bosnian patriotism)

- Bosnian patriotism supports unity of Bosnia and Herzegovia. It is supported by both Bosniaks and Serbs and Croats. It was proposed by first bosnian president Alija Izetbegović. In his youth he was part of "Mladi Muslimani" (Young Muslims).

Ugorian poster showing support to Bosniak nationalism/patriotism
Ugorian poster showing support to Bosniak nationalism/patriotism

Except this ideology in Ugori there were ideologies such as: nationalism, socialism, slavism and ba'athism adopted by Ugorian goverment but now they are not primary part of Ugorism.

Ugorian ba'athist poster
Ugorian slavic poster

Ugorian Emir Family

Ugorian Emir family is union of families of Ugorian padishah. Head family of this union is Pamukčić family. Originating from Užice region they came in Posavina in 1887 when Ottomans withdrew from Serbia and Serbian Kingdom took power of east Drina territories and started killing Bosniak, Turk and Albanian muslims. Pamukčić family is most notable in village Brka near Brčko.

CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
Titlesemirs in Ugorian Federation
Current headElnur Pamukčić
Founding18th century as family, 2022 as Ugorian family

Law and order

The army in Ugori is ceremonial and not compulsory, but gathers before military campaigns, so there is no viable military units. There is no particular law system in Ugori except Bosnian courts and laws. In all Ugorian wars there were different army regiments.

Ugorian Army
Ugorska Vojska
Emblem of the Ugorian Amry
Flag of the Ugorian Army
MottoAllah is the greatest!
(Allah je najveći!)
Founded6 march 2020
Current form29 may 2023
AnthemMi smo vojska Allahova
HeadquartersUgori Centar, Ugori
LeaderElnur Pamukčić
Military age10+
ConscriptionCompulsory by law
Active personnel10

Ugorian army regiments in Ajdinladnian-Federal war against communists
Micronations in Ugorian Islamic Federation
Flag Coat of arms



Ajdinlandski Ugori


Lovački emirat



Plana Collis





Pobrklian Ugorian Imamat

Južni Ugori

4. Juli

Sjeverni Ugori


Foreign relations

The Ugori Emirate has developed diplomatic relations with the Republic of Ajdinland, Grand Duchy of Slawenland and United Consul States.

Ugori are also a part of three intermicronational organizations: OIM, APW and WOM. Ugori, together with Ajdinland, hold seats in this organization's parliament. Ugori joined WOM (World Organization of Micronations) in January 2024, and with that automatically establishing diplomatic relations with it's members.

Micronations recognized by Emirate are:


The Ugorian economy is de facto non existing and it depends on economy of the Brčko District and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the summer of 2023 there were some ideas on an economic sphere but it was never adopted.

Culture and media

Ugori culture takes much things from bosniak, european and oriental cultures.

In the village of Brka (the village on which the Ugori are situated) the holiday "bostanovo" ("bostan"-watermelon) is celebrated, during which Bosniak sevdah songs and Bosniak folklore are performed.


Ugori have their own unofficial TV channel (Ugori TV). Father of emir is painter by a hobby.

painting of old oak tree
painting of old oak tree

Ugorian University

Ugorian University

Ugorian University is responsible for intellectual activities and teaching. It mainly deals with theology, history of religion and heraldry. Since 2023, it has been in university status, but it has its roots from a few years ago. Today, it consists of the president's private library, which contains about 60 books and several scientific works.

One of the founders of the University of Tuzla, i.e. the Department of Economics, was the "rahmetli" Muhamed Pamukčić and the "rahmetli" Šefik Mulabegović, the former president of Mulabegović Ugori.

Ugorian heraldry book (Ugorski grbovnik)

The Ugorian heraldry book is a Ugorian historical collection of coats of arms, documents, fictional and real stories as well as fictional and real maps. The production of this coat of arms began on January 29, 2023, and was completed on November 26, 2023. It is mostly written in the Bosnian language in letters written in Latin and printed as well as in the medieval Bosnian script but there are also parts written in Cyrillic and Arebica (an Arabic script adapted for the pronunciation of sounds in the Bosnian language) and some parts in Arabic, Latin and English. It consists of approximately 110 filled pages, most of which are collected into one book, and only around ten pages are in a pocket separated from the rest of the book on the outer hard cover. The book is not in chronological order, although there are some pages marked with the date when pages were included.

Drawing from Heraldry book

Micronational Park "Cvijetnica"

Part of the Ugori Centar in which there are flowers and teas was open to tourists as a micronational park in August of 2023 because of the Ugorian Natural Declaration. It is home for bees and other insects. There are man put flowers and indegenous flowers in micronational park area. Healing teas and flowers that can be found in park are (in bosnian): čubrić, ruzmarin, kadulja, čuvarkuća,...

micronational park


Anthem of Islamic Federation of Ugori

bos.Sabljo mojih pradjedova (eng.Sword of our greatgrandfathers)

Bosnian lyrics:

Na Allahov put se spremam, jer me zemlja Bosna zove da ognjišta naša branim, snagom vjere mi djedove.

Ponos hrabrih pradjedova, u venama mojim gori sve dok srce ovo bije, za islam ću da se borim.

Sabljo mojih pradjedova Iz prošlosti tako davne Ti u meni opet budiš te vjekove naše slavne. Kad' zauče mujezini I kad' ljute sablje vrisnu. Niz tebe će krv poteći, kad' te moje ruke stisnu. U duši mi straha nema, mada dušman snagom prijeti za Allaha i za Bosnu, s osmijehom ću umrijeti.

Za slobodu dina svoga, i budunćost zemlje ove. U pobjedu nek me vodi, slava sablje mi djedove.

U duši mi straha nema, mada dušman snagom prijeti Za Allaha i za Bosnu, s osmijehom cu umrijeti.

Za slobodu dina svoga, i buducnost zemlje ove U pobjedu nek me vodi, slava sablje mi djedove.

English lyrics:

I am preparing for the path of Allah, because the land of Bosnia is calling me to defend our hearths, with the strength of my grandfather's faith.

The pride of the brave great-grandfathers burns in my veins as long as this heart beats, I will fight for Islam.

Saber of my great-grandfathers From the past so long ago You awaken in me again those centuries of our glory. When muezzins preach and when angry sabers scream. Blood will flow down you, when my hands squeeze you. There is no fear in my soul, although the enemy threatens with strength for Allah and Bosnia, I will die with a smile.

For the freedom of his country, and the future of this country. May he lead me to victory, the glory of my grandfather's sword.

There is no fear in my soul, although the enemy threatens with strength. For Allah and Bosnia, I will die with a smile.

For the freedom of my country, and the future of this country, may he lead me to victory, the glory of my grandfather's sword.

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