League of Micronations

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League of Micronations

Headquarters: Internet
Official Languages: English
Membership: 35 member states
Established: 20 July, 2000
Disestablished: 25 August, 2007
Website: LoM Official Website
Secretary General: N/A

The League of Micronations (Also known abbreviated in LoM) was an intermicronational organization that allowed micronations to interact with each other and to strengthen relationships between Micronations in peace and common existence.

The League of Micronations was founded on the 20th of July 2000 and its goal was to promote diplomatic relations between micronations, express the opinion of the members of the intermicronational community, and to provide a place where all micronations can support each other. It was disestablished on August the 25th 2007, when it merged with the League of Secessionist States, and officially closed its activities.

Former Members

There were a total of 35 member states. The active states were later turned into members of LoSS.

  • The Solar Empire
  • Rasinate of Q'attera-Macusiaa (later known as the Solomonic Empire of Attera)
  • The Republic of Albernia
  • The Kingdom of Amokolia
  • The Republic of Marajo
  • Atteran Kingdom of Argaal
  • The Kingdom of TorHavn
  • Empire of the Realm of Pacifica
  • Democracy of Thalassa
  • The Holy Empire of Reunion
  • The Aerican Empire
  • His Majesty's Archduchy of Scotia
  • Holy Theocracy of The Imperial Empire of Greater Great Kato
  • Republic of Eslo
  • The Evil Empire
  • The Hicks Empire
  • Soverign Duchy of Huesca
  • The Kingdom of Babkha
  • Vulcan Empire
  • Athenian Republic
  • Holy Empire of Westerland
  • Purple Bunny Federation
  • The Republic of Lyrica
  • Lordship of Sperone
  • Kingdom of Xliponia
  • Repubblica Federale di Nuova
  • Sovereign Order of the Cruciform Sword
  • Republic of Shireroth
  • Principality of Sofia
  • Cordial Kingdom of Kelterspruf
  • Kingdom of Zarahemla
  • Republic of Orange
  • Free Community of Pasargada
  • Free Republic of Rocentia
  • Alterian Federation
  • United Kingdom of Sayed
  • Republic of Amerada
  • Autonomous protectorate republic of cristo(renamed)

Founding Members

  • Alterian Federation
  • Republic of Terra Firma

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