Free Republic of Rocentia

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Free Republic of Rocentia
Official languagesEnglish
• Current leader
President Peter Hickey
• Foundation
11 December 2000

The Free Republic of Rocentia was founded by Kenneth K.Thacker, Peter Hickey, Mike Phyle, Terry Clare, Peter Krembs, Daniel Dreesbach, Nation Hahn and Jack Santucci on December 11, 2000, with the goal of creating a true virtual democracy with realistic simulations in politics, economy, business, military sciences, media and an interactive society. It has recently undergone a revival.

Rocentia was founded by a group of micronationalists who had become disgusted with the state of affairs in various other micronations in which they had previously been citizens. All too often, micronations can be nothing more than extensions of the egos of their founders and/or leading citizens, or even worse, platforms for the political propaganda of various stripes of extremists, ranging from out-and-out Fascists on the extreme right to uncompromising Communists on the far left. Another problem with many micronations involves the lack of civility among their citizens. Political differences all too often devolve into personal feuds and flame wars, replete with insults and character assassination.

Rocentia seeks to transcend these pitfalls to create a truly interesting political, social and economic simulation where anyone who wishes to belong to and participate in such a simulation may do so freely and without the hassles endemic to all too many micronations. The citizens of Rocentia fully intend to build the Free Republic into a shining example of what micronationalism can and should be.

Government Structure

Rocentia has a unicamerial legislative branch, called the House of Archons. When there are less than 20 citizens, the House is comprised of all of the active citizens in the republic (except for the President and Chief Justice). When the number of active citizens increases above the twenty citizen threshold, elections will be called. The head of the House of Archons is the Speaker, who presides over the House.

The current President of the Free Republic of Rocentia is Peter Hickey, leader of the Progressive-Futurist Party. The President is both the head of state and head of government. He/she is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and appoints the cabinet. The President can also veto acts of the House of Archons, which is subject to override.

The capital and seat of government of Rocentia is Rilloneous.


  • Secretary of State - vacant
  • Secretary of the Interior & The Environment - Henry Barbosa
  • Secretary of Defence - Neil Spall
  • Attorney General - Vacant

The Supreme Court of the Free Republic

  • Chief Justice - Vacant

Speaker of the House of Archons

Diplomatic Relations

The Republic currently has Treaties of Mutual Recognition with:


There are two current political parties in Rocentia: the Progressive-Futurist Party (PFP) and the Independent Freedom Party (IFP). The PFP tends toward the center-left, with significant libertarian influences. The IFP (which is based upon the philosophy of Objectivism) tends toward laissez-faire capitalism, which could be considered conservative, but the IFP rejects that label. Both parties reject the traditional left-right political paradigm.

Political parties

Territorial Structure

Under Article VII of the present Constitution, the Republic is divided into several Territories. These Territories come under the administrative control of the national government. Once a Territory reaches a population of 5 real citizens or more, it can petition the Government for Statehood.

Territory Towns Eligible for Statehood Statehood Gained
Leonece Rilloneous N N/A
Malkovia Madiera; Porto Viscounte; Lomali N N/A
New Corvena Santa Lupe N N/A
North Wilshire N N/A
Rendar Domier N N/A
South Wilshire Upwich-on-Punto N N/A
Tulumbova Loma Veija; Huyulamba N N/A


See website section History

Rocentia's history is indelibly tied to the history of the other nations that formed the Cyber Islands Chain. Cyberia is the longest surviving, the others long dead but not forgotten. It is said that history defines a nation and its culture, some micronations use a fictional pre-internet history to aid them in defining themselves, while others totally reject this notion, relying on their online history to do this. Rocentia falls into the former, its fictional history was written by Kenneth K. Thacker and also includes references to the formation of the Cyber Islands Chain and the other micronations that used to occupy them.


The Rocentian Federal Code provides the foundation of law within the Free Republic. All Federal laws are compiled in the Code, except as otherwise provided by law, as laid down in Chapter 100 System of Federal Statutes.

The Code is divided into Titles, which are broken down into numbered Chapters. The Titles are:

Title Chapters Subject
I 100 - 199 General
II 200 - 299 The Executive Branch
III 300 - 399 The Legislative Branch
IV 400 - 499 The Judicial Branch
V 500 - 599 Federal Agencies, Programs and Activities
VI 600 - 699 General Statutes
VII 700 - 799 Electoral Code
VIII 800 - 899 Financial
IX 900 - 999 Criminal Code


The cultural theme of the Republic is under discussion within the Simulation Council, but is expected to have strong Portuguese and Spanish influences, together with elements of British, French and German cultures. There is also the culture of the indigenous peoples of the Republic, the Tulun Ak Navori.

A periodical called the Rocentian Journal Weekly, hosted on Rocentia's forums, reports regularly on domestic and inter-micronational news.

Lately there has been talk of organizing a micronational football/soccer team.

Map of the Republic

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