Mike Phyle

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Former leading figure of the Communist Party of the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia. Minister of Information and leader of the coup d'etat that started the Second War for Cyberian Liberation. Turned the area under his control over in trust to the United Imperium in Jan. 2000.

A webmaster and site designer of some talent, Phyle later forsook Communism. Attempted to revive U.P.E.C.(United Provinces of East Cyberia)in 2002. Was involved in several micronations,with his emphasis on infrastructure and simulated economy. He later reconciled with the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia.

His incarceration by federal authorities while serving as Chief Justice of Menet province was a proximate cause of the Third War for Cyberian Liberation, although he had resigned and left the nation before the start of hostilities.

Back in 2001, Phyle was also responsible for the launch of the Republic of Aerlig. He was the nations first Protector, but has since left the nation.