Second War for Cyberian Liberation

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The Second War for Cyberian Liberation began on 8 December 1999, when Minister of the Interior Mike Phyle launched a coup d'etat seizing the VCC website and forum.

Mr. Phyle being one of the most considerate of revolutionaries, relinquished control of these sites and posted his own messages in his own forum as Provo (Provisional) Cyberia. Maya Greenwood was named leader of the Provo forces.

The War became a four-way affair with the Provo forces aided by air support and volunteers from U.P.E.C. against an ultra-feminist faction lead by Elena Delgado, the loyalist VCC government, and United Imperium forces lead by Emperor Jacobus. ProvoCyberia also had recognition and support from Penguinea, as well as moral support from many other sources.

The Delgadans were soon subdued by U.P.E.C. air power.

In January 2000, tiring of the struggle and needing to turn to personal matters, Phyle and his group turned the territory under Provo control (Lasteria, Menet, Southern Mattimeo (the mountainous, mostly wilderness area of Mattimeo bordering on Menet), and several of the Windsor Islands) over to the United Imperium, led by Emperor Jacobus. The territory then became known as the Imperial Dominion of Free Cyberia.