Showib Ahmmed

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Showib Ahmmed
শোয়াইব আহম্মেদ
1st Governor of Imruland
Assumed office
23 December 2022[a]
MonarchImrul I
Prime MinisterSobuj Hossain
Muzahidul Islam
Safat Zareef Hassan
Nihal Ahmed
Ishtiak Mahfuz Abdullah
Mohammad Noyon
Preceded byOffice established
1st Chief Justice of the Organization of Islamic Micronations
Assumed office
24 June 2024
ChairIbraheem I
Additional JusticeAbubakar Ibrahim I
Preceded byOffice established
2nd President of Imruland
In office
24 May 2023 – 15 July 2023
Prime MinisterHimself
Vice PresidentSobuj Hossain
Preceded byFokhrul Sazzad
Succeeded byOffice abolished
In office
23 December 2022 – 31 December 2022
Prime MinisterSobuj Hossain
Vice PresidentFokhrul Sazzad
Preceded byImrul Kayes
Succeeded byFokhrul Sazzad
1st Vice President of Imruland
In office
30 September 2022 – 6 October 2022
PresidentImrul Kayes
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byShams Chomsky Rafi
In office
19 October 2022 – 14 December 2022
PresidentImrul Kayes
Preceded byShams Chomsky Rafi
Succeeded byFokhrul Sazzad
3rd Prime Minister of Imruland
In office
24 May 2023 – 28 July 2023
MonarchImrul I
Preceded byMuzahidul Islam
Succeeded bySafat Zareef Hassan
Personal details
BornNovember 4, 2005 (2005-11-04) (age 18)
Santahar, Bogra, Bangladesh
EducationPEC, JSC, SSC
Alma materNaogaon Government College
Known forEstablishing Imruland
AwardsBrobel Peace Prize 2022

Showib Ahmmed is a Bangladeshi-Imrulian statesman who is currently serving as the governor of Imruland since 23 December 2022.[a] Previously he served as president, vice president and prime minister in different times. He is the main founder of Imruland. He is also serving as the Chief Justice of the Organization of Islamic Micronations (OIM) since 24 June 2024. He was awarded the Brobel Peace Prize, the highest civilian award of Imruland, by the government on 1 January 2023.

Early life and education

Showib Ahmmed was born on 4 November 2022 in a Bengali Muslim family at his mother's house in Santahar of Bogra in Bangladesh. After 2 years of birth, he was transferred to a vilage named Marma Mallikpur in Naogaon with his family. Currently he is living in the Naogaon district. He is the eldest of 4 children of his parents as his elder sister died before his birth. He is completing his higher school education from the Naogaon Government College.

Founding Imruland

Ahmmed established a micronation named Imruland on 16 July 2022. It was recognized on 18 July. Imruland was established to pay tribute to Bangladeshi cricketer Imrul Kayes. He served as the founding de facto speaker of the parliament and deputy prime minister from its establishment. Imruland declared formal republic on 30 September 2022 and transferred to constitutional monarchy on 23 December.

Career in Imruland

Dictatorship era

Showib Ahmmed served as the de facto speaker of the parliament and deputy prime minister since its establishment. After the establishment of formal republic, he served as the 1st vice president of Imruland from 30 September to 6 October and 19 October to 14 December 2022. He resigned from the post of vice president on a sudden effect on 6 October 2022. The reason of this resignation was unknown. He was succeeded by Deputy Prime Minister Shams Chomsky Rafi. He again returned after 2 weeks. He temporarily resigned from his post due to personal reasons on 14 December again. Public Administration Minister Fokhrul Sazzad was appointed as the acting vice president. During this period, President Imrul Kayes declared the transition of Imruland from one-man dictatorship to constitutional monarchy on 23 December 2022.

Constitutional monarchy era

King Imrul I appointed Showib Ahmmed as the governor, representative and regent of him after the declaration of constitutional monarchy on 23 December 2022. The King also appointed Ahmmed as his successor as president to arrange the first Imruland presidential election. The Constitution of Imruland was passed on 31 December 2022 during his presidency. He is called the father of Imruland constitution. The 2022 Imruland President Election was arranged on 30 December 2022. The schedule of the election was announced on 24 December by President Showib Ahmmed in an address to the nation on Imruland Television (ITV). He was succeeded as President by the elected candidate Fokhrul Sazzad on 31 December 2022. Showib Ahmmed was awarded the Brobel Prize 2022 in peace by the government of Imruland on 1 January 2023 to arrange the election peacefully.

Governor Ahmmed was again appointed as president after the ending of President Sazzad's term on 24 May 2023 to arrange the second presidential election. He appointed himslef as the Prime Minister of Imruland on that day. The 2023 Imruland President Election was arranged on 10 June 2023. The election was heavily criticized for the allegation of mass rigging. President Ahmmed was threatened to attack by the supporters of the losing candidate Nazmul Hasan Fahim led by former President Sazzad. However, the attack was thwarted by the Imruland Intelligence Agency. President Ahmmed declared state of emergency for an indefinite period on 11 June 2022 and exiled all supporters of Fahim and Sazzad. The constitution was amended for third time after the emergency period. The posts of president and vice president were cancelled and a new type of government headed by the prime minister was introduced. Besides, the election system was also cancelled and appointment system of prime minister by the Constitution Drafting Committee was installed. At the end of the state of emergency, Safat Zareef Hassan, who won the disputed election on June 10, was appointed as the prime minister.

Imruland was scored 99 out of 100 on the annual report of the 2024 Micronational Freedom Index. The report mentioned Imruland as a "stable democratic micronation respecting the most civil liberties" and appreciated the efforts of Governor Showib Ahmmed to make the Imruland a successful democratic country.[1]

He was appointed as the Chief Justice of the Organization of Islamic Micronations (OIM) by Chair Ibraheem I on 24 June 2024.[2] This marks the first time in the history of Imruland that one of its own has been elevated to any international position. The Chief Justice oversees the judicial functions of the OIM and is responsible for administering OIM elections. Shortly after the announcement, Showib Ahmmed announced the commencement of the 1st Chair Election of the Organization of Islamic Micronations (OIM), in accordance with Article IX of the OIM Charter.[3]


Showib Ahmmed is heavily criticized for the allegation of mass rigging in the 2022 Imruland President Election though the allegation of the rigging is not fully proved yet. He was also criticized to exile all the supporters of Fahim and Sazzad included them. Although Ahmmed brought Sazzad to the top of power, the relationship between Sazzad and Ahmmed started to deteriorate after Sazzad assumed the office of president. The supporters of President Sazzad were tried to impeach Ahmmed in several times. He blamed Fokhrul Sazzad as conspirator and destructor of Imruland in several times. Previously, after the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Shams Chomsky Rafi on 13 November 2022, another wave of political crisis erupted in Imruland. After much drama, Vice President Showib Ahmmed accepted his resignation. He also exiled him for creating instability in Imruland. Although Showib Ahmmed was criticized and trolled by the supporters of Shams Rafi, he gained immense popularity in Imruland to fire him. During this period, Imruland was filled by conspirators against government. Showib Ahmmed declared zero tolerance against them. He declared the supporters of Rafi as rebel and ordered to arrest them wherever they were found. The deportation order on Shams was later revoked after the instability made by Sazzad after the 2023 Imruland President Election. At that time Shams exposed all the conspiracies of Fokhrul Sazzad. Showib Ahmmed called him a great patriot of Imruland after the incidents and all of the bans on him and his supporters were lifted.

Laterly, The government of Imruland sent a proposal to the Imruland Lords Association (ILA) on 14 June 2024 to end the division between the two groups.[4] The negotiation discussion was failed, as the association demanded conditions deemed impossible such as resignation of Showib Ahmed, abolition of monarchy, and deportation of prominent leading figures.[5] Governor Showib Ahmmed described their demands as “unrealistic and illusory imagination.” Parliament members also condemned the demands, stating that negotiating with a group banned by a Supreme Court verdict was unnecessary.[5]


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