PAA Pact

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PAA Pact
Intermicronational pact

Headquarters New Aberdare, Aenopia[1]

Official language English, Welsh


Motto "N/A"

De-Facto Chair Simon Reeve
De-Facto Vice Chair Leon Montan

– Foundation 13 September 2019
– Reformation 29 October 2020


The PAA Pact (Ponderosa, Aenopia, Astropolis Pact) and later known as the PAW Pact with the admission of Wegmat, is a semi-confederal branch organisation and predecessor of the North Atlantic Defence Union. Initially formed in August 2019 by Empire of Aenopia, People's Republic of Ponderosa Hills (later known as the Socialist Federal Union of Ponderosa Hills) and Republic of Astropolis

PAA Pact was initially formed from an informal group chat between ex-Organisation of Active Micronations (2019) members, primarily between Leon Montan of Ponderosa Hills, Simon Reeve of Aenopia and Alex Halbesleben of Qaflana, later including Astral of Astropolis after the departure of Halbesleben from the group. This would later evolve into the PAA Pact


PAA pact

The original flag for the PAA Pact before the formation of the North Atlantic Defence Union.

NADU initially started as a groupchat formed by Leon Montan on 3 August 2019 consisting of himself, Simon Reeve and Alex Halbesleben in order to choose the host of the 2020 OAM Games after the cancelling of the 2019 OAM Games previously.[2] The group later evolved into an informal group chat between the 3, and later on Astral of Astropolis and a personal friend of Reeve after the departure of Alex. Following the departure of Alex Halbesleben, the Ponderosa, Aenopia, Astropolis Pact (later known as the PAA Pact) was established. As part of this pact, free movement and trade was agreed by the states as part of a treaty. This treaty later became the Charter of the North Atlantic Defence Union. The North Atlantic Defence Union was officially formed after the signing of the charter of NADU on 13 September 2019.

Evolution into NADU



At the time of dissolution in 2019, NADU had twelve member nations and one observer nation however currently has ten full members as of 5 December 2020. Full members are those who have ratified the NADU Charter and as a result can contribute to discussions and debates, vote in meeting, and stand for election to any positions in the organisation. Provisional membership is a status granted to newly-approved member states or to member states that are found in the process of expulsion. Observer members do not hold voting rights and could not stand for election for any position in NADU however could observe meetings. Each member state is represented by a sole delegation from said nation.

Full members

Flag Micronation Join date Capital City Code
Empire of Aenopia 29 October 2020 New Aberdare AA
Socialist Federal Union of Ponderosa Hills 1 November 2020 Arastraville POH
Federal Union of Wegmat 1 November 2020 Two Pine WE

Former members

Flag Micronation Join date Capital City Code Withdrew/Expelled
Kingdom of Astropolis 13 September 2019 Astropolis AST Dissolved

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