League of Professional Nations

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League of Professional Nations
Logo of League of Professional Nations
HeadquartersLPN forum
Other languagesEnglish
18 states
• Secretary General
Charles Ross
• Deputy Secretary General
Alex Halbesleben
• Supreme Court Justice
William Lehman
Establishment24 August 2019

The League of Professional Nations (LPN) is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of unrecognized micronational entities with an emphasis on professionalism and legitimacy. The group primarily aims to support new micronations/micronationalists by getting them situated within the community and by providing new/young micronations with the adequate tools necessary to succeed within the larger micronational sphere as a whole.

The LPN achieves these goals by pairing younger micronational leaders with more experienced "mentors" and through the conducting of community projects (such as the creation of MicroWiki pages). In addition, the league also aims to protect the sovereignty of these new nations. This is achieved through the use of a "professional-Esq" legal system designed to peacefully settle disputes among nations.


The league was first conceived in early August 2019 when several "influential" members of the Organisation of Active Micronations met to discuss the future of the organization.

At this time, the OAM had been in a steady decline since mid-May of that same year. As such, the leaders discussed possible ways to save the group from becoming YAMO and subsequently breaking up. It was eventually decided that one of the ways in which this could be achieved would be through the creation of a dedicated web forum to host meeting data and to ease communications between members (who at this point had been using discord as their primary method of communication for quite some time).

The idea was implemented and though many members disliked the new system (with several boycotting votes, and some outright leaving) the system stuck.

Unfortunately, this was not enough to save the fledgling group, and on the 26th of August 2019, the OAM was dissolved. Following the breakup, the small group that had originally conceived of the forum decided to re-purpose it and to use the site to spearhead their new super-national group. The new organization was named the "League of Professional Nations" and has since been viewed by many as the direct continuation of the defunct OAM.

LoN Merger

In February 2020, representatives from the LPN and the League of Nations met over discord to discuss the possibility of a merger between the two organisations. Among the reasons given for the proposed union was a keen lack of activity in both organisations, the similar aims of the two groups and the personal compatibility among member states.

The meeting was headed by Charles Ross (representing the LPN) and Aidan McGrath (Marshal of the LoN) who together came to the mutual agreement that the groups should in fact merge. However, though both parties agreed that preparations should begin immediately; no official documentation was signed and eventually the proposal was dropped altogether.

LoM Restructuring

In April 2020, the LPN announced that it would be re-branding itself as the League of Micronations and subsequently discontinuing activities under the LPN name. Though the general mission statement would be kept and existing LPN members carried over to the new organization, enough would change to justify the LoM being considered its own separate entity not attached to the LPN's history.


Membership is open to all micronations regardless of purpose or operational style. So long as they exercise professionalism in their actions, they are welcome.


However, certain restrictions do apply... These are primarily meant to keep individuals more prone to childish or foolish behavior out of the league.

These rules include, the nation must be at least a month old (with some exceptions), the nation's representative must be on or over thirteen years of age, and the nation must submit to using the online forum for all voting proceedings (again, with certain exceptions). Finally, nations wishing to join must submit a formal application on the LPN's forum.

Current members

List of active LPN members (in order of joining).

Flag Micronation Joining Date Capital City Representative
Moriskval.png Moriskval 25 August 2019 N/A Alex Halbesleben
Great Kyberia.png Kyberia 25 August 2019 Kyber James Ellis
PhoklandUnion.png Phokland 26 August 2019 Vundenberg Charles Ross
Flag of New Eiffel.svg New Eiffel 26 August 2019 Új Repülő Zed Smith
PlushuniaFlag2.png Plushunia 29 August 2019 Plușeni Cristian Dobrev
Flag of Paragotnia.jpeg Paragotnia 9 September 2019 Brynston Austin Love
Flag of Lehmark.svg Lehmark 27 September 2019 Imperial City William Lehman
Flag of the Principality of Ledilia.png Ledilia 27 September 2019 New Gandolfo Davide Ledilinski
Flag of the United Kingdom of Maradia and Fienomige.jpeg Maradia and Fienomige 1 November 2019 Arium Ethan
Flag of Tagtabazar.png Aswington 10 November 2019 Armapat Juan Cisneros
Nflag3.svg Navārdia 12 November 2019 Orbly Casper von Navārdia
Flag of Ebenthal.svg Ebenthal 12 January 2020 Gillisburgh Arthur Brum
Flag of Saspearian.svg Saspearian 30 January 2020 Unueco Emperor Anthony I of Saspearian
Bregusland Flag.png Bregusland 16 February 2020 Central District William Schenk
Republic Of Yavad•ya.png Yavad•ya 16 February 2020 Yavad Thijs
1570200106940.png Imperium Aquilae 23 March 2020 Cladarchia Alcibiades I

Former Members

This list is made up of members who have either formally left the LPN (usually through referendum or through going defunct) or who were kicked out due to violating some aspect of the league. This list also includes current members who (for some reason or another) are no longer active within the organisation (i.e. not demonstrating any activity for over a month).

Flag Micronation Joining Date Departure Date Capital City Reason For Departure
Graustark.png Graustark 25 August 2019 9 January 2020 Edelweiss Removed due to inactivity
PRPH flag.png Ponderosa Hills 11 November 2019 1 February 2020 Arastraville Departed by executive decree


The organization operates under an absolute democracy where every government decision is voted upon by member states. The position of Secretary-General is mostly ceremonial, with the position serving as "figurehead" for the group. Practically, the Sec.Gen.'s job is to act as a de facto Speaker of the House for meetings and debates.

LoM New Logo
LoM Logo.png