Eithan I of Thebes

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Eithan I is one of the original founders of Thebes along with Charles Miller. He led the second wave of population expansion, including consuls Shahzad Singh, Anna Maass, Drew Curtis, Gwen Mackey, Aadi Patel.

Early life

Eithan Ackerman was born on 8 April 2007 in the suburban city of Lakeville, Minnesota. From an early Eithan found interests in sports and songwriting. As a child Eithan was described as extremely social and good speaker. In elementary school Eithan was unanimously voted class president. Eithan always had an interest in geopolitics but had not discovered micronations until he was in middle school. At the age of 11 Eithan moved from Minnesota to Raleigh, North Carolina where he currently resides.

The founding of Thebes

On 19 June 2019 Eithan Ackerman and Charles Miller came up with the idea for what would become the Micronational Empire of Thebes. During that day Eithan had designed the flag, consul symbols, the layout of the consul branch of the goverment, and other basic government layouts. Later he would go to write the Theban constitution, create the Jury of 12, become the first king, become the 5th vizier, serve a 6 month term as consul of education, create and finish Gastonian, lead the expansion effort into Lausia, be the first man to step foot on Theban territory, as well as serving a second term as the fifth king of Thebes.