House of Horne

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House of Horne
File:Crown of Horne.png
Country Horne (Holy Roman Empire)


Parent houseMontmorency
FounderEngelbert of Horne (traditional)
Current headEdward Bieniak, Prince of Horne
Founding920; 1104 years ago (920) (traditional)
Cadet branchesBieniak family
EthnicityDutch, New Netherlander, French

The House of Horne (Dutch: Huis van Horne), also known as the House of Glücksburg-Horne, is the current dynasty of the Crown of Horne. It was originally founded by Engelbert I of Horne, the first leader of Horne, in 920.

The modern dynasty was established by Philip de Montmorency, Count of Horne, who was then part of the House of Montmorency. He was executed on 5 June 1568. He died before his son, Christian I, was born in 1569. This resulted in de Montmorency not having heirs after his death. The current House of Horne is made up of the descendants of Christian I.

The royals of the House of Horne are the only actively known royals (nationally) to have connections to the royal families of micronations.

County of Horne

The County of Horne (also Horn) was a small historic county of the Holy Roman Empire in the present day Netherlands and Belgium. It takes its name from the village Horn. The residence of the counts of Horne was moved from Horn to Weert in the 15th century, and is now located in the United States and Canada.

After the execution in 1568 of Philip de Montmorency who died without male heirs, the Prince-Bishop of Liège, as suzerain of Horne, was declared the direct lord and new count. The bishops ruled the county in personal union. Horne maintained its own laws and customs as well as its financial autonomy. The county included the communes (now baronies) of Neer, Nunhem, Haelen, Buggenum, Roggel, Heythuysen, Horne, Beegden, Geystingen and Ophoven.

Leaders of the House of Horne

Lordship of Horne

Name and title(s) Lifespan Tenure start Tenure end Notes Family
William VIII
Lord of Horne
1380 – 1433 1405 1428 Son of William VII Horne
Frederick of Moers
Lord of Horne
? 1428 1440 Guardian of Jacob I Moers

County of Horne

Name and title(s) Lifespan Tenure start Tenure end Consort Notes Family
Jacob I
Count of Horne
? 1440 1471 Son of William VII Horne
Jacob II
Count of Horne
? – 1502 1471 1502 Son of Jacob I Horne
Jacob III
Count of Horne
1480 – 15 August 1531 1502 15 August 1531 Margaret of Croÿ (1501-1514)
Claudina of Savoy (1514-1528)
Anna of Burgundy
Son of Jacob II Horne
Count of Horne
1480 – 10 December 1540 15 August 1531 10 December 1540 Anna van Egmont Brother of Jacob III Horne
Philip de Montmorency
Count of Horne,
Stadholder of Guelders,
Admiral of Flanders
(1526-06-05)5 June 1526 –
5 June 1568(1568-06-05) (aged 42)
10 December 1540 5 June 1568 Anna Walburgis van Nieuwenaer Stepson of John Montmorency
Christian I
Count of Horne
1569 – 1658 (aged 89) 1569 1658 Althea van Sutphen Posthumous son of Philip de Montmorency Horne
Christian II
Count of Horne
1625 – 26 July 1658 (aged 33) 1658 26 July 1658 Jane Jans Grandson of Christian I Horne
Cornelius I
Count of Horne
(1653-08-03)3 August 1653 –
21 December 1729(1729-12-21) (aged 76)
26 July 1658 21 December 1729 Margaret Vanderburgh Son of Christian II Horne
Cornelius II
Count of Horne
(1705-09-02)2 September 1705 – ? 21 December 1729 ? Lea Banta Son of Cornelius I Horne
Countess of Horne
(1734-02-10)10 February 1734 –
4 April 1807(1807-04-04) (aged 73)
? 4 April 1807 John van Buskirk Daughter of Cornelius II Horne
Joseph van Buskirk
Count of Horne
1767 –
24 December 1824 (aged 57)
4 April 1807 24 December 1824 Margaret van Ness Son of Esther Buskirk-Horne
Sarah van Buskirk
Countess of Horne
(1794-02-28)28 February 1794 –
4 November 1882(1882-11-04) (aged 88)
24 December 1824 4 November 1882 David Spaulding Daughter of Joseph van Buskirk Buskirk-Horne
Esrom Spaulding
Count of Horne
1816 – 1902 (aged 86) 4 November 1882 1902 Anne Mary Davison Son of Sarah van Buskirk Spaulding-Horne
Adelbert Spaulding
Count of Horne
(1865-07-25)25 July 1865 – 1931 (aged 66) 1902 1931 Margaret Hawley Son of Esrom Spaulding Spaulding-Horne
Verne Spaulding
Count of Horne
(1897-06-17)17 June 1897 –
25 September 1959(1959-09-25) (aged 62)
1931 25 September 1959 Irma Smith Son of Adelbert Spaulding Spaulding-Horne

Crown of Horne

Name and title(s) Lifespan Tenure start Tenure end Consort Notes Family Portrait
Marian Spaulding
Princess of Horne
(1924-12-20)20 December 1924 –
13 September 2000(2000-09-13) (aged 75)
25 September 1959 13 May 2000 Edward Bieniak I of Greece and Denmark Daughter of Verne Spaulding Spaulding-Horne
Edward Bieniak
Prince of Horne,
Baron of Montmorency
(1960-07-28)28 July 1960 –
Living (age 63 years, 211 days)
13 May 2000 Present Barbara Betz (2000-2019) Son of Marian Spaulding Bieniak-Glücksburg-Horne