Crown of Horne

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Crown of Horne
Kroon van Horn (Dutch)
Couronne de Horn (French)
Motto: Nobile Servitium (Latin)
"Service is noble"
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised languages
Roman Catholic
GovernmentPrinselijk Huis
• Prince
Edward Bieniak
• Hereditary Prince
Dylan Jován Bieniak
Sovereign subject
• Establishment of Horne in the Holy Roman Empire
920; 1103 years ago (920)
• Death of Philip de Montmorency
5 June 1568
• Doctrine of the House of Horne
1 January 2020

The Crown of Horne (Dutch: Kroon van Horn) is a sovereign entity headed by the Prince of Horne. The Crown claims continuity with the leaders of the Holy Roman County of Horne that was founded in 920 as a lordship by Engelbert I of Horne. From which the Crown is passed through Christian I, the posthumous son of Philip de Montmorency, Count of Horne. Christian's descendants include the members of the current House of Horne. Its motto is Nobile Servitium (service is noble), adopted from Clan Spaulding. Its modern-day role is mostly focused on its own family members in the House of Horne and conducting state visits.